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- 29 July 1958, Dwight - D.Eisebhower. Current CEO : Bill Nelson, in Senat in 2016- Washigton - Etat Unis.- organisation public- 17000 and 18000 employees - it carries out exploration and research missions in the space and aerospace field.- Naza a space sector company has developed several remarkable innovation, particularly in the field of lauchers and satellites. For example, Naza has designed reusable lauchers, aming to reduce the costs of acces to space by allowing the recovery and reuse of rocket firts stages.



1.Charactérization2.Evolution of the logo3.Mission

The usual badge was created by James Modarelli in 1959. It shows an aerodynamic shape from a 1950s supersonic wing project in front of stylized constellations on a round blue background that represents a planet.

Unless there is a change in the calendar, the Artemis II mission will take place in November or December 2024. This will undoubtedly be NASA's most important event next year. In fact, it is nothing more and nothing less about taking a crew on a trip around the Moon, before returning..’