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Chatbot 101

What is MagicSchool?

for ELA Instruction

AI Best Practices

Raina Prompt Practice



Objectives & Warm Up

Important Links:

Write a prompt for a task that you would like Raina, the AI instructional coach, to help you with using the MagicSchool AI prompting guidelines. Guidelines:

  • Assign Raina a specific role (e.g. English teacher).
  • Ask Raina to complete a specific task (e.g. adapt a lesson for students with learning disabilities).
  • Include important details Raina needs to make your output match your needs.
CHALLENGE! If you are already a MagicSchool expert, create a Custom Chatbot.

Raina Prompt Practice

We will engineer prompts in Raina and explore MagicSchool tools.I will utilize MagicSchool tools to revise my lesson or slide deck presentation for next week.

Learning Objectives



  • Check for Bias and Accuracy: AI might occasionally produce biased or incorrect content. Always double-check before sharing with students.
  • The 80-20 Approach: Use AI for initial work, but make sure to add your final touch, review for bias and accuracy, and contextualize appropriately for the last 20%.
  • Your Judgement Matters: See AI-generated content as a starting point, not a final solution. Always adhere to CCISD guidelines (TBD).
  • Know the Limits: Our AI's knowledge stops on its last training date, so recent topics may not be up to date.
  • Protect Privacy: While MS promptly removes any accidentally submitted information, it’s best to not include names or addresses.

Best Practices for Using AI in your Instruction

Create Instructional Materials Build custom lesson plans, rubrics, and assessments matching your objectives. Differentiate for Success Adjust texts and materials to meet students’ instructional needs. Engage Families and Communities Generate emails and newsletters to communicate with students’ families. Generate Original Content Create engaging, relevant, and personalized content for your students.

What is MagicSchool AI?

AI for Educators, FERPA and COPPA Compliant


Key Terms



Misc. Tips

Sample Prompts


Chatbot 101

  • Chatbot: computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users (e.g. ChatGPT, Claude, Raina)
  • Prompts: messages you send to a chatbot (INPUT)
  • Prompt engineering: the "science" of sending the exact right message to chatbots to achieve a desired output

Get better output by structuring your prompts. You can give chatbots a role, task, context, examples, and steps. Two methods to prompting:

  • Megaprompts: Write one big message that contains all of the above. E.g. ask for a full essay
  • Prompt chaining: Break down the task into smaller steps. E.g. start by asking for a single idea, then an outline, then the content.

Sample Prompt: "In my lesson for next week, students will be synthesizing concepts from the photojournalism of Charles Moore and the "Letter from Birmingham Jail. How can I differentiate my lesson for students who are struggling with apathy?"

  1. Assistant: "Come up with a 45 minute station rotation plan for [TEXT/STANDARD]"
  2. Thought partner: "How can I improve this lesson to meet the needs of my 504 students that need redirection?"
  3. Coach: "Here's my lesson objectives for next week. Give me feedback"
  4. Teacher: "Teach me about [x]. Assume I know [x]" and adjust your language.
  5. Student: "What misconceptions would a student have about this material?"

The tone of your chatbot output can be adjusted as you see fit. You can accomplish this by prompting: "Tone: [x]" or "Write using a [x] tone"

  • FIRM
The list goes on!

  • "Be concise. Minimize excess prose."
  • "Present this information in a table format."
  • "Output as bullet points in short sentences."
  • "Be extremely detailed."
  • "Tell me in three sentences"

  • Encouragement is good: "Wow! Thank you for all of your help today" (you want to be nice in case they take over )
  • Criticism is also good: Make this more insightful.
    • If the output is bad, add more details/background information
  • Ask to check its work: "Are there any topics you missed?"