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to Level Up Small Group Instruction

5 Steps


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to enhance small group instruction with technology

5 Steps

Integrate Engaging Apps

Allow Opportunities for Brain Breaks

Not only do warm-ups activate students' brains, but they also get students started on learning while the teacher addresses any questions or issues other students may have. Warm-ups help provide a smooth transition!

Begin Small Group with a Warm-Up

A simple progress tracker is a self-management support for students as they are work independently. It can help guide them through the learning and keep them on target.

Provide a Student-Facing Tracking Tool

Leverage Productivity Tools






Productivity tools help teachers organize content and activities and manage time better.

Integrating apps helps foster more dynamic learning and can increase engagement and motivation.

Lift the cognative load for a bit and ready students for new learning.

Canva Templates for EducationAdobe ExpressWakelet

Interactive lessons and activities help build students' interest, confidence, and resilience. There are lots of apps that can serve this purpose. For inspiration, here are a few simple apps that can be used in many different ways.

Keep Students Engaged

Engagement Apps

  • ScreenPal - Create a quick small group introduction with check-for-understanding questions built directly into the video.

It never fails that just when you are about to begin a small group lesson, a fire emerges that has to be put out. Plan for fires, questions, and other student needs by preparing a short warm-up at the onset of your teacher-led small group. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For Small Group Instruction


  • Pear Deck - Create a new Google Slides deck, engage the Pear Deck Add on, and search through the beginning of lesson templates.

  • Genially - Design a self-check for understanding with an interactive Genially.

  • Basic Progress Tracker for Small Group Instruction

Students become leaders of their own learning when they are given opportunities to set personal academic and nonacademic goals, track progress against those goals, and reflect on strengths, and identify areas for growth with minimal amount of support needed from teachers.

Help Students Stay on Track

Student-Facing Progress Monitoring Tools

  • Sample Independent Practice Progress Tracker

Pear Deck Brain Break - Lessen students cognitive load while helping them get familiarized with some of the different ways to engage with Pear Deck.Quick Draw with Google - Online game developed by Google that challenges players to draw a picture of an object or idea and then uses a neural network artificial intelligence to guess what the drawings represent.

Make Space for New Learning

Brain Breaks

Teachable Machine - Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, and poses.TED-Ed Riddles - Students use content skills and problem solving to respond to riddles and puzzles Google Arts & Culture - Tour and browse artworks, landmarks and world heritage sites, digital exhibitions and more Hidden Picture Games - Find hidden items in digital images in Highlights Kids Magazine List of Brain Break Activities for elementary

How do you feel about managing small group instruction?

A helpful selection of productivity tools can make it feel like you have an extra set of hands in the classroom. Try out these options to get the most out of your small group instruction time.

Stay Organized & Mangage Time

Productivity Tools

  • Curipod - Leverage AI to design lessons, resources, & activities

  • ClassroomQ - Creae a virtual queue for students to ask questions and get help

  • Classroomscreen - Create clear expectations for students, manage time, collect feedback and more

  • ScreenPal - Record, edit, and share instructional videos

ClassroomScreen Clearly display instructions, timers, polls, cues, and more with this fun and simple tool. Classroomscreen has 20 widgets to keep your class running like clockwork. Check out the widget guides below to learn more. Poll Random Name Timer Sound Level Embed Traffic Light Group Maker Image Clock Work Symbols Visual Timer Set Background Calendar Dice Webcam Text QR Code Video Draw Stopwatch


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