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A informational hub about the holocaust


The Holocaust

During WWII many events happened one of the biggest was the Holocaust.


In honour of Holocaust memorial day being on Saturday 27th January. Please find this presentation not only as a memorial but as an information hub to find out some shocking facts about the Holocaust. On the 27th January 1945 Auschwitz was liberated.


1. When did it happen?

2. What groups were discriminated against?

3. Camps in WWII

4. Famous People from thw Holocaust

5.Celebrities/Brands that were involved

6. Movies,TV Shows &Books

7. Museums/Memorials

8. Informational Videos

  • The holocaust began in 1941 and ended in 1945.
  • During this time the nazis killed around 6 million jews.
  • It was estimated that 1.5 million kids were killed during the Holocaust.
  • However 17 million fell victim to the nazi regime during WWII which shows the extent of the Nazi damage

When Did it Happen?

  • Contorary to poular belief jews werent the only group that the nazis discriminated against during the Holocaust.
  • Not only did the Nazis single out the Jews for complete annihilation they targeted people that they feared would threaten their "perfect aryan race".
  • Nazi beliefs catergorised people by race and hitler used the word "aryan" for his idea of the "perfect german race".
  • The nazi people believed that the "aryan" people were superior to others.
  • Their devotion to what they believed was racial purity and their opposition to racial mixing partly explains their hatred towards Jews, Roma and Sinti people and black people & Slavic people
  • The nazis also wanted to 'improve' the genetic make-up of the poulation so they persecuted anyone they deemed to be : disabled (mentally or physical), homosexual men, political opponents, trade unionists and Jehovah witnesses
What groups were discriminated against?

The Stages of Genocide for the Nazis

Auschwitz in 1944

  • During the Nazi regime they didnt just set up concentration camps they set up many different camps such as: Concentration , Forced Labour, Transit, Prisoner of war and killing centres.
  • There were alot of concentration camps but there were a few main ones: Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, Krak贸w-P艂asz贸w and the Warsaw Concentration Camp
  • Auschwitz III was one of the most famous forced labour camps to come out of the holocaust.
  • Theresienstadt was a camp that was set up as a camp for jews from Bohemia and Moravia. It then served as a transit camp for european jews on there way to auschwitz.
Camps in the Holocaust
  • There were alot of famous jews that surived the holocaust and those who didnt became famous after.
  • One of these was Anne Frank. She died in Bergen - Belsen with her sister Margot. She became famous when her father Otto Frank survived the holocaust he fufilled her wish to become a famous author by publishing her diary that she wrote when they were in hiding.
  • There were also quite a few famous jews that survived the holocaust such as: Roman Polanski - movie director, Wladyslaw Szpilman - pianist and composer, Primo Levi - writer, Elie Wiesel - Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Viktor Frankl - psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Imre Kert茅sz - writer, Marek Edelman - cardiologist and social activist
Famous People from The Holocaust
  • There are many brands/ Celebrities that are still famous now that were collborators/perpetrators during the holocaust.
  • Hugo Boss: Hugo Boss was oen of the comapnies that produced the uniforms for the SS. During WWII Hugo Boss also employed over 140 Forced Labourers Most of them being women.
  • Coco Chanel: During WWII Coco Chanel lived in paris in the occupied france and entered a romantic relationship with an nazi intelligence officer and then eventually became a spy for the Nazis.
  • Victor Capesius: Victor Capesius was a thrivng pharmacist and then he became a concentration camp pharmacist in the camps of Auschwitz and Dachau and worked for the Nazis.
Celebrities/ Brands that were involved
  • There are many movies, TV shows and Books about the holocaust.
  • There are many famous movies about the holocaust such as: The boy in the striped pajamas, The book thief, The windermere children and My Best Friend Anne Frank.
  • There are many TV Shows about the holocaust such as: The diary of Anne Frank, Shoah: Four Sisters and the last days of the Nazis
  • There are a lot of books about the holocaust such as: The diary of a young girl, Hitler Stalin Mum & Dad, The Tatooist of Auschwitz trilogy, The daughter of aushwitz and get the children out.
Movies,TV Shows & Books

There are many museums and memorial around the world to commemorate the lives lost during the Holocaust. There is the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US. The Holocaust Centre North in Huddersfield.There are also many memorials of the holocaust such as: The dutch memorial of names, Memorial to the Auschwitz victim in Amsterdam , the memorial to honour the deaf people that fell victim to the nazi regime & the anne frank statue in the Netherlands

Museums & Memorials

The Holocaust explained (3 mins)

How the Nazis rose to power (9 mins)

Informational Videos

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