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Television and Film

Class 12

- What film genres do you know?- What's your favourite genre of films/ tv shows to watch?- Is there a genre you haven't explored much but would like to try?

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Phrases/ vocabulary...

  • What is your all-time favorite movie, and why?
  • What's the last movie you watched? Share a brief summary and your opinion.
  • Do you prefer watching movies in a cinema or at home? Why? Who is your favorite actor or actress, and what do you like about their performances?


  • How do movies reflect the culture they come from?
  • Have you watched any classic films from the past? What are your thoughts on them?
  • What challenges do you think filmmakers face in the current film industry?


  • Can you recommend a TV series that you've enjoyed recently?
  • Can you think of a character from a TV series that you can relate to?
  • Can you think of a TV show that has had a significant impact on popular culture?
  • Are there any TV shows from your childhood that you still enjoy watching?

Further discussion...

Conclusion...What did we discuss today?