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EmpowerU | Pilot Program Overview

Empowering Underrepresented Minorities for Success

Powered by: BIPOC Community

ObjectiveEquip participants with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for success and individual growth by leveraging the resources already available at Criteo as well as the expertise of dedicated sponsors, and creating a supportive community that celebrates achievements and encourages continuous learning.

Application Period

Selection Process

Program Launch

1. Goal Setting

2. Career Mapping

3. Personal Development

4. Mental Health

5. Strengths Coaching

6. Network Closing Event

15 Participants

6 Months

U.S. Specific

Mentoring & Self Learning

Eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum employment duration at Criteo: 6 months.
  • Employee applying must be based in the United States.
  • Achievement of "meet expectations or higher" in performance reviews.
  • Self-identification as part of the BIPOC community.

The EmpowerU Pilot Program is designed to support U.S. employees, addressing the underrepresentation of BIPOC individuals. Focusing on the U.S. allows us to measure impact precisely and promote diversity and inclusion effectively, making it culturally relevant to this region.

Application Period: Employees can express their interest in the program by filling out a form.

3rd Activity - Personal Development Workshop: Gain insights and tools through an external vendor-led workshop.

4th Activity- Mental Health Focus: Dedicated month with group sessions, MFHA program presentation, and recommended learning paths.

Selection Process: The DEI Team will carefully review all applications with the help of the US PBPs.

Program Launch: We'll announce selected participants and officially launch the program in the BIPOC Slack channel, also informing the respective managers of participants.

1st Activity - Supporting Goal Setting: Focus on setting clear objectives for the mentoring and Program journey.

2nd Activity - Career Mapping Roundtables: Chart your professional path with input from internal guests.

5th Activity- Strengths Finder Coaching: Empower participants individually and strengthen team dynamics.

6th Activity - Networking Closing Event: Celebrate achievements and connect with internal and external colleagues.

This includes not only career development but also a strong emphasis on mental health and well-being, recognizing the holistic nature of individual growth.

Such as MHFA and Strength Finders, as well as the expertise of dedicated sponsors who want to share their skills and experience