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Newsletter 3

Implementation of the project in Lithuania

December 2023


About our Erasmus+ Project; AUDIM

Implementation of the project in Slovenia

Implementation of the project in the Czech Republic

Implementation of the project in the Netherlands

LITHUANIA During the implementation of the AUDiM project and the development of products, the knowledge and practical skills of project partners saw significant growth. Not only did they deepen their insights in searching for and systematizing information about digital marketing, but partners also adapted various tools for presenting information. Partners shared their knowledge and experience, incorporating tools such as EdApp, YouTube, genial.ly, PowToon,SurveyMonkey, and integrating AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Throughout the project, we observed how the work of organizations implementing the project and participating in the project activities accelerated and simplified thanks to these tools. The motivation to seek new and innovative means to facilitate work and conserve the environment consistently increased. The utilization of AI-powered content, including chatbots, personalized recommendations, and automated content creation, become more prevalent. This technological advancement has the potential to greatly impact content marketing by streamlining the process of creating, optimizing, and distributing content. This, in turn, enables organizations in the NGO sector to produce more effective, targeted, and engaging content that resonates with their audience. Please find some recommendation generated by AI (ChatGPT) for digital marketers, who work in NGOs: • Find out who your main audience is.• Create useful, interesting content that meets the needs of your audience.• Stick to your marketing goals and strategy.• Be active on social media.• Send regular newsletters, keep your audience informed about organization news, projects, and activities.• Analyze the effectiveness of marketing activities.• Communicate with your audience.• Collect feedback from your audience.• Collaborate with other organizations that have similar goals or audience.• Observe examples from other NGOs and learn from their experiences.

CZECH REPUBLIC Catalysing Digital Transformation: AUDiM Project's Triumph in Introducing Innovative Microlearning for Czech NGOs The AUDiM project has successfully introduced a groundbreaking microlearning course to address the evolving landscape of non-governmental, non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. In the midst of numerous changes, the most pivotal being the ongoing process of digitalization, these organizations are navigating challenges, particularly for those less familiar with the requisite knowledge and skills. In response to this pressing need, a microlearning course focused on digital marketing, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of NGOs, has emerged as a crucial initiative. Beyond the core microlearning course, the AUDiM project encompasses a wealth of additional resources, including educational podcasts and a comprehensive handbook. All these resources are conveniently accessible online, presented in the Czech language to ensure maximum accessibility. As we embarked on sharing our results, we witnessed a remarkable level of interest. Hosting three in-person events allowed us to engage directly with representatives from our target audience, providing a platform to discuss their specific needs. Concurrently, outreach efforts extended to the association of non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. Through collaboration with this umbrella organization, information about the AUDiM resources was disseminated to a wider audience, reinforcing our commitment to making a meaningful impact. Our involvement in this ambitious project has been an enriching experience, allowing us to actively contribute to the content and successfully introduce this invaluable resource to the Czech Republic. We are grateful for the opportunity to play a part in advancing the digital capabilities of non-profit organizations and look forward to the positive transformations that will unfold as a result of the AUDiM project.

SLOVENIA First project, first multipliers event E-learning Concepts based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a newcomer to Erasmus+. Admittedly, our staff had quite some prior experience to build on - but AUDiM is the first project we participate in as partner organisation. We organised the multipliers event in early September, on 7 September 2023, when mostSlovenes return from their holidays. School starts on 1 September, university students are back in town for exams. Adult education centres are getting ready to start their activities in October. The turn-out to the event exceeded our expectations, qualitatively and quantitatively. Attendees ranged from NGO heads to NGO volunteers, adult education staff, university staff, secondary and primary school teachers, cultural organisations, SMEs and self-employed individuals. We presented the project, the partners, our work flow, digital tools we used and we showcased some examples of videos and microlearning courses. In the second half of the event the participants logged onto the AUDiM learning portal using their smart phones to try out the microlearning contents first-hand. We received some useful feedback - some of it was specific to the target group the participants work with, which was insightful. The weather was on our side so we were able to have our coffee break and serve a plant-based snack (in reusable or recyclable packaging) in the open air in the multicultural atmosphere of award-winning youth hostel Celica in Ljubljana, a former military prison that has been transformed into a meeting and learning space, part of autonomous cultural and social centre Metelkova mesto. Ideas for further dissemination of project results were plentiful.

AUDIM aims to uplift you through a variety of impactful initiatives:

  1. Microlearning Courses: Dive into bite-sized, dynamic courses tailored to enhance your digital marketing skills. These courses are crafted to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule while delivering profound knowledge.
  2. Digital Toolbox: Gain exclusive access to a comprehensive digital toolbox filled with real-world examples and best practices. This resource is your go-to guide for mastering the art of digital marketing and making a meaningful impact.
  3. Online Learning Portal: Immerse yourself in our user-friendly online learning portal, a hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends.
  4. Pilots and Practical Application: We believe in learning by doing. Participate in live pilots of the Microlearning courses and the digital toolbox, applying your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.
🔗 Learn More: For a deeper dive into the AUDIM project and its offerings, visit our official website: Audim-digital.eu

In the dynamic sector of Dutch non-profit organizations, AUDiM is at the forefront digital advancement with a pragmatic touch. Navigating the complexities of digitalization in the Netherlands, AUDiM addresses the specific needs of organizations, particularly those less versed in the essential knowledge and skills required in today's evolving world. At its core, AUDiM introduces a pioneering microlearning course meticulously tailored to the needs of NGOs, focusing on digital marketing as a key initiative. Beyond the course, supplementary resources, including educational podcasts and a comprehensive handbook, are seamlessly accessible online, everything is available in English and in Dutch. The project's impact is accentuated through two consequential multiplier events, facilitating direct engagement with representatives from our target audience. These events serve as platforms for in-depth discussions on the specific needs of Dutch NGOs, fostering dialogue and exchange. Collaborative efforts extend to esteemed social entities such as "Vlinderduin" and "Zierik7," broadening the reach of AUDiM resources and reinforcing our commitment to effecting meaningful change. Our involvement in this ambitious project has been an insightful experience, enabling us to actively shape the content and successfully introduce this invaluable resource to the Netherlands. We express gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of digital capabilities within Dutch non-profit organizations and eagerly anticipate the positive transformations that will unfold through the AUDiM project.