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CLASSICAL HOLLYWOOD PERIOD Advantages/ Disadvantages/key information

Advantages Getting weekly pay check – wouldn’t have to worry about where your money next comes from. Lower costs for studio, maximum profits. Each studio had their own type of film they specialised in. Money was kept within the company, didn’t have to spend load and could make a lot of money from viewers. A regular routine with income. Owned the profit section in the industry. Producing lots of films, a year (around 50). Disadvantages. Director and Actresses undertreated and had no protection, the studio controlling them. No opportunity for new talent or smaller production companies to grow bigger, only the big 5. key information: Vertical Integration – Cinemas owned by Big 5 (), they could produce and show their films whenever they want, little 3 couldn’t show their films – put into slots no one wants. Working for Studio – Worked like a business 9am-6pm, Weekly pay check. Worked under contract – 1yr, 3yr, 7yr – if it gets terminated, u can’t work for remainder of time left on it. Studio has control, could swap u anytime. No agent in Studios, no protection, bad treatment.

CONTEMPORARY HOLLYWOODADVANTAGES, disadvantages and key information

AdvantagesParamount Case turning gave studios more money, to help with big fall from loss of money due to covid. 1st refusal gives studios an advantage over other studios on the ideas, getting to them first and being able to gain more money through it. No longer based in Hollywood, all producers can approach studios for funding. Allows new talent to come through and smaller companies to grow. Better support through agents and unions. Contracts based on 1 or more film deals. Fairer representation. Allowing people to have multiple roles, e.g., directors coming into editing role. (Auteur comes around). Disadvantages A lot of movies being similar, they know it will be successful so produce it. Won’t take risks as they will lose loads of money. All studios are part of a bi multi-media group, not as much of a variety across films. Big companies can control what goes on their apps (Disney+), can remove it anytime. Control over viewers. Cinemas losing money due to online, and not getting much profit from movies anymore. Key InformationParamount Case – Stopped Big 5 from owning cinemas, giving little 3 a chance to grow bigger. Turned in 2020 as it didn’t apply to online. (Netflix, Disney+)^ Cinemas used less, less money going into them. 1st refusal – Paying famous directors to show their ideas to them, get to say yes or no if they should be produced. Producers going to studios to make deals.

CONTEMPORARY BRITISH SYSTEMADVANTAGES, disadvantages and key information

AdvantagesDistibutors get more money. Disadvantages Americans could one day get too big, Britian made to disappear. Cinemas have risk of shutting down, loosing lots of money, high food prices. Film-makers don’t want to risk making a movie that doesn’t succeed thus loosing money, so all of the movies begin to become the same conception. Instead of new story lines being made.Key InformationBritian made better quality movies than the American industry, by being diverse and supportive. Although, because of the similar speaking language. English films were overlooked, and the American Industry took charge (Biggest Film Industry). Britian has bigger Studios for Production, ect.Horizontal Integration – Distibutors getting more money from production, films depend on popularity for a profit, they cannot make another film if High food prices. – their film doesn’t profit, cinemas. Getting only a small % of money from showing the films.