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How the idea of "Woman" is represented in Animation through Maiden, Mother and Crone and how it is being re-Presented.

Working Title:

Maiden, Mother and Crone

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

In 1933 Fleisher studios Produced the first Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with its baby faced Flapper girl, Betty Boop as its star. Betty Represented Jazz age culture and appeared in many shorts during the great depression.

Betty Boop

Silly Symphony

Marge Champion - Actress for Snow Whites Drawings. Wilma Baker - Painter, who developed Snow White to have Rosey Cheeks to take away the flatness of the character and came up with a technique on every cell that Snow White was in so the paint didnt seem as if it was paint and more like a gentle blusher.

Woman on the Film:

  • from 1929 - 1939
  • Causing servere unemployment and acute deflation across the globe.
  • Was caused by lack of spending which meant manifacures was not supplying goods.
  • bank panics destroyed faith in the economic system and joblessness limited faith in the future.
Walt Disney was given timeless loans on the production budget constantly exceeding the budget. He took Money out on his Life Insurance loans and Mortage Loans to be able to pay his staff to continue the film. Due to the amount of time it was taking and requests for more money a banker came for a private viewing of the rough version of the film to which he agreed to continue the loan.

The Great Depression:

Technical making: The Multiplane

Tangled 2010


The Hot Guy Meeting" a room of female employees had walls of potential drawings of possible Heros, Flyn Rider the anti-hero was nominated at best fit with his softer features and familirarity of a womans realistic crush.

Womans View

Princess and The Frog 2009

We are visual beings

Narrative beings

Social beings

igital beings

woman involved in the film

Mary Magdalene
Virgin Mary

Kiki Smith

Kara Walker