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By Ella Strong 20164281

Edgar Wright.

Auteur Theory is a way of looking at films that suggests that the director is the author of a film. The idea is that a director's personal style and vision can be seen across their films. Edgar Wright is an English director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He is known for his fast-paced editing, visual comedy and use of music. His unique filmmaking style is fast paced. For example, the film Hot Fuzz is a fast-paced editing style. This is because it creates a sense of excitement and keeps the audience engaged. It also makes the action scenes more intense. His unique style has influenced other filmmakers because the way he uses music and edits his scenes is so fast paced. I believe that he fits in the Auteur Theory because his films have a unique style that makes him an auteur. His creativity stands out in all his films. Francois Truffaut wrote about films of many new French filmmakers who he termed auteurs. He argued that the filmmakers who made the best films were those who wrote and directed their own films and who had a unique personal vision.

Edgar Wright - Theory Auteur

What makes an auteur- The 3 components of Auteur Theory 1) Technical competence: Must be at the top of their craft of technical filmmaking abilities. Always have multiple components of filmmaking and should be operating at a high level across the board. 2) Distinguishable personality – They have an unmistakable personality and style. You can see shared filming techniques and consistent themes being explored over their body of work. Auteur movies make movies that are unmistakably theirs. 3) Interior meaning: Auteurs make films that have layers of meaning and have more to say about the human condition. Films made by Auteur go beyond and pure entertainment- oriented spectacles produced by large studios to instead reveal the filmmaker’s unique perspectives and ruminations on life

What makes an auteur?