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roles in film

Film, Tv Drama


screenwriter need to think outside of the box if they want to keep their audience entertained and engaged to the tv product.


knowledge of screenwriting

even having the basic understanding of how to work with screenwriting, can give the employer ability to emend the script and or ensure all elements of a good and sutable script is implimented into their final work.



you need to have the ability to become inderpendent and to find your own job oppertunities, own finance and become self-motivated


theyre main job in film and TV is to write and develop the screenplay of the final product. They are to ensure that the actors-presentors cues, lines and stories or accurate and professional.

Through the process of writing a script, a screenwriter wold have to collaberate with the producers, directors and actors to draft and redraft there script until all other roles in the industry belives that the scipt will be sutabl and professional enough for the bigscreen...


VFX industry

occasionally a runner is a person is where theres a person that'll assist the workers with beverages and food but theres so much more from what you think...

They have immnece reliability from their staff and very adaptable to their workers needs. They will carry out side tasks that the current worker is not able to do currently. They would also have to interact with ohter staff and memebers of the indutry and perhaps even studio clients.


these workers are the events people that'll create events for esport fans to come along and watch spills, new thrills and join in tournaments. From Fortnite to Faming simulators

these producers have an eye for talent from those who want have a passion to commentate, select scripts for the events and manages people to ensure the event is compelling and enjoyable weather thats from watching online or in person.

Esports producer


Drawing: have a very high level of skill at drawing, painting, or using computer software to create artwork, produce varied work, develop your own style Creativity: produce innovative work, in the form of storyboards, graphic designs and paintings, that spark the director’s imagination Communication: be able to take direction and use constructive feedback to make changes to your work

concept artisit

a concept artisit draws the very first foundation of the ideas of the characters and help work with the comany to something that'll work

A great presentation is clear and structured

unscripted tv


loggers is an entry level job were in the unscripted TV a logger would watch the raw fottage in great detail and create a detailed blog describing what is on that footage

Attributes of a logger:writing storytelling attentive editing learning by watching

A great presentation is clear and structured

post production

these creative individuals create sound effects through the effect of objects.

Foley artists often work as part of a team with other Foley artists. They work closely with the sound recordists and report to the supervising sound editor.

foley artists