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Use & Post-Experience

  • It is expected that travelers can have more autonomy in choosing their routes, instead of only having one choice from TripAdvisor
  • Meanwhile, it is also expected to provide mre transportation's information

Customised a bunch of routes

New idea

Cause: Some 943,205 reviews submitted to Tripadvisor—3.6% of total reviews submitted—were determined to be fraudulent in 2020, the website said, two-thirds of which were identified before being posted to the platform.

2022Tripadvisor Took Down Nearly 1 Million Fake Reviews Last Year

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On Forbes 21 April

Data-Driven Personas

New idea

This aims to leverage the concept of hyper-personalisation to tailor marketing efforts to the customer.

  • it introduces an innovative tool, and customer service enhancement
  • it aims to improve the overall user experience and address consumer behaviour trends

Using AI chatbox

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