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Intro to Fashion Design Final ProjectBy Joseph Roa and Laura Ochoa


The people who wore Stephen Burrows could be described as “electric sexuality”, they gave an aura of creativity and wild nights that were associated with disco music for the glamorous clientele. Stephen tried to revive his label many times but after the death of his business partner, John Robert Miller, he was unable to provide funds for new collections.


Stephen Burrows was born


Stephen Burrows graudated from FIT and became an American Fashion designer based in New York


After graduation, he went on to work in New york Garment district and started working with a blouse manufacture, then moved on to small shops, by 1968 he was working with Andy Warhol selling his pieces in boutiques.


He quickly moved on to patner with luxury department store, Henri Bendel. By 1978, his pieces were worn by celebrities to awards such as Cher, Brooke Shields, Jerry Hall and The Supremes.


He had expanded his company to include a number of labels he designed. He is known for being the first African American fashion designer to sell internationally and develop a high fashion clientele. His styles were known for being colorful, color-blocking, using inventive bias cutting techniques and using “lettuce hem”. His garments became a big part of the disco scene in the 70’s.

AGE: 25-50GENDER: Male and Female Marital Status: Single Income: $100,000 + A year Occupation: actress, influencer, blogger, public persona, entrepreneur, fashion worker, artistValues: Self-expression, creating a memorable first impression, creativity, statement pieces. Education: Higher education Interests: high fashion, art, traveling. Lifestyle: Our customer is an extroverted person who is always on the go. They enjoy going out to lounges, public events or high-end dinners and dance the night away. Reside: New York, Los Angeless, Miami, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan



  • Create limited stock of our inventory will reduduce volume of materials and waste. By introducing smaller, handmade collections, it allows to take control on the details and re-use fabric scraps to create new pieces.
  • Using recycled polyster and deadstock fabrics whenever possible in designs and introducing 1-1 designs repurposing fabrics.
  • This practice will eventually reduce our carbon footprint and repurpose wasteful fabrics and materials to give them new life.



Burrows will be produced and manufactered in NYC to stay close to our roots. We will source vintage as well as new fabrics from around the US in the months leading up to collection creations and we will hand dye fabrics in house. Creating shows and handmaking our items all in New York, quality and sustainability control as well as taking a stance on ethical labor practices.

CoogiPalm AngelsCharles Jeffrey LoverboyHeron Preston

Brand Positioning

1) The Use of Billboards and posters to spread the name 2) Collaborating with fashion influencers and social media personalities such as Leilani Green in order to boost popularity 3) Use social Media platform such as Instagram and Pinterest 4) Enter local magazine features such as Miami Living Magazine & Allure Magazine from NYC5) Submit clothes to art gallaries such as Patricia Field ArtFashion Gallery to display Pieces
Marketing Plan
Reason For Pricing:
  • Limited Stock to reduce waste
  • Premiuim High quality material
  • Handmade
  • Exclusive 1 of 1 designs
Normal End Clothing Pieces:

Higher End Clothing Pieces:

Pricing Strategy:

  • Using personalized retail sites such as Etsy & icraft
  • Placing our pieces in local boutiques such as Vintage Twin
  • Collaborating with Local Thrift Stores to sell some normal pieces
  • Put pieces up at Local Fashion Gallaries and events

Distribution Strategy