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Rom-Com genre presentnation

By Amber House, 20171659

‘fundermentally a rom-com is the primary comedic tension will be between the central romantic relationship.’

Symbolic and technical codes to Rom-Coms

though there are many different plot twists, charatcer development and storyline however in a rom com without a doubt we see symbols that remain as the fundemantal parts or a rom-com being a ring, romantic contact between the two characters, the dress, a date, pink and or red being symbolised in any way within the movie, comedic side character, hate to love romance.

  • fantacy (Elemental)
  • horror (Life after Beth)
  • action (mr and mrs smith)
  • thriller (Killer)
  • sci-fi (About time)
sub genres within rom-com

Film example: Love actually

I want to specifically touch on the christmas movie rom-com love actually becuase it is a unique film that actually reaches to many codes and conventions to a typical Rom-com movie. One good example of this is that this movie zooms into the lives of very different and diverse characters that have different storylines reaching to many audiences with thier favourite type of rom-com. they have various different plot twists with there always being a ring, a kiss, pink and red symbolism and obviously the two main characters.

Here you can include arelevant fact to highlight

i believe that the basis of a romantic comedy should always be implimented into a rom com movie because it is what makes a good romantic comedy becuase it has the predicatable elements of the ring, the kiss and the key intention of love. One good example is the Rom-com 'isnt it romantic' becuase it has a unique storyline that includes good plot twists however it still includes the key symbolisms such as a kiss and the romantic tension between the characters.

Genres are “specific variations of the interplay of codes” which moved from one film to the next through a process of “repetition and difference”. (Ste Neale)​

One of many examples that can follow under this is movies such as: angus,thongs and perfect snogging, last christmas and ella enchanted.

Each genre had “its own system of narrative address”. (Steve Neale)

the basic thoery of this is implimented into each romantic comedy movie to present that predicatable but loveable easy going storyline. Todorov Thoery: