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decision making




Deciding between two options can be difficult, especially if both options seem attractive or if the choice can have serious consequences. In this case, it is important to make a decision consciously and methodically in order to avoid making the wrong choice and minimize risks.

Coin method

A simple and understandable way: you take two scenarios, assign each your side of the coin, and then toss it. The result depends on whether heads or tails will be on top.

But the bonus of the method is that, after tossing a coin, people usually begin to hope for some specific result. That is, a person has already made a choice inside himself and will consider the alternatives suboptimal.

Two chairs

This method is quite successfully used in psychology.You need to sit on the first chair and imagine that you have made one of the decisions. Think about how events will develop further and how you feel at the same time.

Are you comfortable, do you feel happy. Then the same thing should be repeated with the second chair and another choice.

Descartes Square

The method is similar to the previous one, but allows you to look at the problem more closely and from different angles. In this case, the sheet is divided into four parts. Answers to the following questions fit into each: What happens if this happens? What happens if it doesn't happen? What won't happen if this happens? What won't happen if it doesn't happen?


Most often, we find it difficult to make a choice because of self-doubt, opinions imposed by society and fear that we will not like the consequences. In order not to regret what you have done, use the suggested practices in making important decisions and learn how to become more confident.


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