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What is water?

Water timeline

Why do we need water


A quote about water

Water usage

Bottled water percent

The 3 states of water

Water Filtering

Different Brands

Different Types

Cano Water

Water isn't on the Periodic Table


What Is Water?

Water (H2o) is a transparent, tasteless substance made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Timeline Of Water Regulations


Clean water restoration act


Water quality improvement act


Water pollution control act


Clean water act


Water quality act

Why do we need water?

Water helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body.

Some Facts About Water...

‘“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."

Jacques Cousteau

Car Washing
Clothes Washing
Garden watering
Dish Washing
Personal Washing

Water Usage In The UK

In 2017


used bottled waters in the uk




The 3 States Of Water

Water exists in three states: solid, as ice; liquid, as water; and gas, as water vapor.

Bacteria In Water

Many types of pathogenic bacteria could be found in water.

Water Filtering

A few ways to filter water are:

Different Water Brands




Some of the many different types of water are:

Different Types Of Water

Cano Water

Why isn't water on the periodic table?

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The Clean Water Act was regulating pollution discharges into our waterways.
The water quality act was meant for trying to improve the quality of the water.
Evian has a natural source of electrolytes. This is important because electrolytes help to regulate hydration in the body. When you drink Evian, you get a natural boost of electrolytes, which helps keep your body hydrated.

Evian Water

Fiji water, commonly known as "the earth's finest water". Contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Secondly, its high pH level and natural electrolytes make it a good choice for hydration.

"The earth's finest water".

Additionally, steam generated from water vapor is used for driving turbines to produce electricity.

The Gas Form Of Water

In its gas form, water vapor is used in many ways. It contributes to the formation of clouds and precipitation. It is used for tasks like sterilization, heating, and cleaning.

Smart Water is water, so it’s healthy. However, it is not more beneficial than most other bottled water options. Regular water, pure water, purified water water, mineral water or plain water are probably just as healthy as Smart Water.


The Solid Form Of Water

In its solid form as ice, most people use it for preserving and cooling food, as well as putting ice into their drinks, using for activities such as ice skating and hockey. Some people even use ice to reduce swelling and soothe pain.

The original goal of the Clean Water Act was to eliminate the discharge of untreated waste.

The Water Quality Improvement Act of 1970 expanded the government's authority over water quality standards and water polluters.

In it's liquid form, water is essencial for drinking, cleaning, cooking and maintaining your personal hygine.

The clean waters restoration act provided funds for the construction of sewage treatment plants. This act and many others that followed over the next decade had a significant impact in reducing pollution and restoring rivers.