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Importing Cases


Before you start

  • The case importer enables you to get multiple case records into SchemeServe quickly, and in bulk format from a CSV file.
  • Enable back-dating:
If any of the cases that are being imported include historial client record, you may need to temporarily enable back dating:
  1. Sign into SchemeServe site
  2. Select Admin > Schemes > and then choose the scheme to be temporarily amended
  3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Inception / Expiry options’ section – it will currently be unchecked.If this is something you don´t want enabled all the time, amke a note and remember to disable once cases have been imported.


CSV File

  • Head to the "Cases" tab on SchemeServe and click on "Import Cases" along the right.
  • Insert a batch name, select Scheme and click "this format".
  • This will download a template including all the system IDs of this scheme.
  • Complete each section taking a new line for each new case.
  • When inserting data from a table or a MP, the data must be seperated by double pipes (||).E.g

In the above example, three pets will be imported to the policy on multipage table: Row 1 – PetType = Dog, DogBreed = Akita, CatBreed = blank (unanswered) Row 2 – PetType = Cat, DogBreed = blank (unanswered), CatBreed = AsianRow 3 – PetType = Dog, DogBreed = West Highland Terrior, CatBreed = blank (unanswered)


Record type

  • The first step will be adding extra columns to your csv templateif you require them. These should be added in the order they need to run in:Policy.RecordType - this should be added around colum D depending on your scheme,This will allow you to set the record type i.e. first premium, MTA or renewal. It is very important if you are importing multiple records for a client that they are in the correct order i.e first premium that incepted 01/05/2018, MTA 23/11/2018, renewal 01/05/2019. If they are out of order it can impact on the record when recording transactions.



  • Adding in a column namedExternalPayment.PaymentDate will allow you to record on the money tab the date of a payment that is entered in column ExternalPayment.PaymentReference



  • Adding the correct risk group ID e.g RISKGROUP_ID_000.InsurerId, will allow the correct insurer in each cover groupto set.
  • The cover group ID to use in the column header can be found on the 'Cover Details' page of the question set.
  • The insurer ID can be found in the URL when viewing the insurer record in the 'Insurers' area of the site.


Importing Case

  • Once all the data as been entered. Save the file as CSV and upload it. Select import and click into the "processing" tab.
  • You will be able to see the current status.
  • When a case is being uploaded you may see a number of fails or warnings within the table:Fail: If there are any fails, the case will not be imported. This may be due to incorrect headers in the import file, required fields missing, or incorrect data types.Warnings: Import will continue but there may be errors such as client details being different to client references, or mandatory fields being empty.
  • Once the case has finished processing, you will find it in the "completed" tab. You will then be able to see any imported cases alongside regular cases when a status is selected in the SchemeServe "Cases" area.