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Service and Repair

Service and Repair Units

You may also require specific qualifications depending what tasks you carry out during the Ecodan service.

You may be required to investigate issues, replace parts and ensure the system is operating at optimum efficiency levels.

Servicing R290 units requires a different level of expertice and knowledge than what is required to install the systems.

Servicing R290 units

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Laws and leglislation include:

It is important you are aware of legislation, laws and good practices when working on R290 equipment.

Expertise & Knowledge

You can gain your expertise and knowledge from this course and specialist Hydrocarbon refrigerant courses available throughout the industry.

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This would be required if you need to replace the compressor, reversing valve, high pressure switch or any other component within the refrigerant circuit. However, it would be very rare Mitsubishi would ask you to carry out these tasks on site.


Qualifications - Specialist F-Gas qualification will be required if you need to break into the refrigeration circuit.

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R290 refrigerant falls under the ATEX and DSEAR due the fact it is an A3 class flammable refrigerant.

DSEAR stands for Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002. It covers dangerous substances that could put peoples safety at risk from fire, explosions and corrosion of metal.

ATEX is the name of European directives for controlling explosive atmospheres. More specifically to R290 ASHP's, it controls the use of non-spark tools and electrical devices.

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