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AutocompleteSearch Feature

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What is this new feature?

New "Manage Reviewers" tab

Current "Manage Reviewers" tab

In response to feedback from AEs, a new feature has been developed to handle the invitation process in the Review Forum. This new feature will go live on 15 November 2023 for 3 pilot journals:

  • Frontiers in Education (189 sections)
  • Frontiers in Oncology (933 sections)
  • Frontiers for Young Minds
The goal of this new feature is to improve the engagement level of our handling editors and the relevance of the researchers we invite to review manuscripts so that we substantially increase the conversion rate of our review invitations and the quality of the manuscript revisions. By placing the new search in the summary tab, we expect a higher uptake in manual invitations.

Pilot Details

How does it work?

The system displays results.

The AEs can search for a particular person by typing their full name and affiliation or email details.

How does it work?

Our newly improved search tool enables you to search using names, affiliations, and emails*. However, we propose the following sequence to optimize your search experience:

  1. Start your search with the full name.
  2. If this does not lead to the desired results, add the affiliation to the end of the name. For instance, if you’re searching for Hitesh Sawlani affiliated with UCSD, you’d type: Hitesh Sawlani UCSD.
*Please be aware, even though the tool allows you to search using name or affiliation, it doesn’t support searches for name/affiliation AND email combined.

How does it work?

The latest update simplifies the process of searching keywords by reducing the entry points. With the new autocomplete search feature, users will no longer be able to directly input keywords for their searches. Instead, they should utilize the keyword search option available under the “Suggested Reviewers” tab. This will make it easier and more streamlined for users to find relevant information.

How does it work?

You can invite someone with their email address by searching for it using the new search under the Summary tab. If no results are found, click on the "Add Colleague" button in the search results area to send an invite to that email address.

How does it work?

How can I search by keywords?

You can search for researchers by matching keywords under the "Suggested Reviewers" tab. Use the Search Method dropdown to switch to Key terms. You can also search by keywords in the "Review Editors" tab by clicking on Filters and using the keywords filter.

I can't find the person I'm looking for in the search

If the results don't match with the person you are looking for, you can further refine it by adding an affiliation to your search terms. e.g. (first name) (last name) (affiliation). Alternatively, you can also search for the researcher by using their email address in the search query.

I can't find the "Invite someone you know button"

You can invite someone with their email address by searching for it using the new search under the Summary tab. If no results are found, click on the "Add Colleague" button in the search results area to send an invite to that email address.

I can't find the "Advanced Search"

We've simplified the user experience by placing the Search function in the summary tab. The new search function has been upgraded to provide more flexibility in searching, a simplified user experience and faster results.


  • The details presented in the search results are not correct/ don't match the user found (e.g. affiliation is not correct or up to date).
  • Performance issues (taking too long to load).
  • Links don't work (link to Loop profile, details).
  • The results are capped to 5 results. The user is convinced someone should be findable, but no matter how they refine their search, can't find the person they are looking for.
How to handle cases if the above issues are reported?
  • The L2 analyst must reproduce the issue from our end.
  • Specify what query has been used, and what was expected. i.e. Loop link doesn’t work when clicking on and unable to view the user Loop profile.
  • Escalate the case to L3 as a potential bug providing the above information.
Note: If any other issues (not listed) are flagged, please inform CoE and follow the above SOP.

What can go wrong?

Escalating bugs to L3:Autocomplete Search (Pilot):

Further information

There are plans to extend the pilot to FaaS and other journals. CoE will provide updates on this.

Any issues with the autocomplete search feature should be escalated to the L3 team as a potential bug following the usual procedures.

The following journals are participating in the pilot:

  • Frontiers in Education
  • Frontiers in Oncology
  • Frontiers for Young Minds

The autocomplete search feature goes live on 15 November 2023.

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