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Olivia-Tahani Wyatt

Units or contents


Practices / activities / evidence


  1. Techniques.
  2. Uderstanding of techniques.
  3. Research.
  4. Duologue.
  5. About the play.
  6. Given circumstances.
  7. Charcter analysis.
  8. Monologue.
  9. About the play.
  10. Given circumstances.
  11. Character analysis.
  12. logs.
  13. evaluation.


Finding the given circumstances ImprovisationAnalysing a scriptFocusProjecting your voiceFinidng intentionsTaking constructive critisimphysicalisying your character

My understanding

Using/Learning about all these different techniques are really important and helpful when it comes to any performers. I have learnt a lot and I am still learning although I may not understand everything I still try to use it in my acting. I feel like one thing all these techniques have is they teach you to pay attention to detail meaning even the tiniest thing could have the biggest impact on how well or how bad your performance can go.

Research that helped me

Enter Achillies helped me see how much you can say without saying anything me and my peer Kavyan had to research Dv8 Physical Thearte company and that dance was the one that caught our attention.

This list of verbs helped me tremendously when trying to find my charcters intentions towards her teacher.It also helped us gather our intentions towards eachother

This review of Blackberry troutface really helped me understand the play as icouldn't find anywhere to watch it on. It seems really genuine and not rushed helped me to understand the themes of th play.


Extract taken from buckets by Adam Barnard.



About The Play

  • She is really shaken up and distraught about home life and what's going on with her mother.
  • Buckets is essentially about how we use our life with the time were given.
  • Buckets covers all the basis of love, illness, death, fear, youth, kissing and crying.
  • The whole play is based off of time and how a lack of time effects our emotions and relationships.
  • The themes explored in this play are friendship, youth, identity and mortality.
  • Liam and Jess are friends, they find a video of Liams sister who passed the previous year.This video sparks loads of questions challenges for Liam and Jess Forcing them to confront their own fears.

  • Tackles uncertainties about life and death.
  • It is athought provoking play that encourages audiences to reflect on their own lives and choices they make.
  • The talk with her teacher reflects the struggle of sharig personal pain.



Given Circumstances






I'm the student seeking help from my teacher.Also my mother's sick i think she's Bulimc but when really she's fighting cancer.


in modern time.At Lunch time around 12:30pm (midday)


In my teachers classroom, In the school, first standing by the door. Then eventually sitting down talking about my mum being sick.


I think my mum is sick and i want to talk to someone about it because im feeling really lost and alone almost as if im trapped in my thoughts.


For What Reason?

I wanted someone to talk to someone who always listened to me that being my history teacher.But also because i have a innocent crush on him.

Because I want reassurance that if my mums sick that it's treatable and nothing like cancer.And I just like spnding time with my teacher cause i have a crush on him.

Character Ananlysis

  1. My character is scared for her mothers health and thinks she's bulimc but reality os it she has cancer and maybe a year to live.
  2. My character is more than likey acting off a lot of emotions right now probably the cause for her hitting on her teacher.
  3. My character is a lovely girl who is just going through a lot and needs some guidence.


Extract taken from Blackberry Trout Face by Lawrence Wilson

  • Blackberry Trout Face is a play by Lawrence Wilson Set in liverpool.
  • Kerrie, Cameron and Jakey are siblings with a junkie mother one day she abandons them.
  • Kerrie has a lot of hope for her mum and getting clean but Jakey has no faith and is always shutting down kerrie.
  • The play is a will to the invincible spirt of youth and the power of hope.
  • The play explores themes of family, struggle to find one's idenity.
  • It makes us reflect on the importance of love,acceptance and finding our true self amgost the trials of life.

About my Monologue

  • Jakey (18) has had enough of life in the crew. He is big and strong for his age and has issues controlling his anger.
  • Kerri (15) looks after her mum. She is tough, she is very intelligent and very protective of her family.
  • Cameron (13) is too scared to step outside. His anxieties rule his life, and he feels every emotion very strongly.

Given Circumstances


Kerrie a teenager she's also a sibling to two brothers 18 and 13 (she's the middle child).Neglected by her mother and her father died.


For what reason?




She wants to escape her harsh reality of her mother being a drug addict,her older brother being part of a gang and her little brother being to scared to go outside because of anxiety.

She has a fish that she befriened, conversing with it making up tales around it. She will get through her struggels through resilience and imagination.

Kerrie is in her bedroom which is where she lives in an urban enviornment in liverpool uk(eating a tub of Jam).

During her monoluge it seems to be midnight a time of reflection and solitude.Its also set in liverpool

Kerrie see's her mum as not the god person nor the bad person it comes more from a place of disapointment

Character Analysis

  1. Kerrie is a hopeful and imaginative teenager.Despite being neglected by her mother she never stops hoping for the best from everyone.
  2. She finds solace in a fish she befriended in the canal.Her bright imagination allows her to escape her harsh reality ash she tells tales and converstaions around the fish.
  3. This Shows her Creative spirit.
  4. She is proof the power of iagination and the humans ability to find light even in the darkest of circumstances.
  5. She deeply misses her dad and feels as if, if he didn't die then her mum wouldn't of started using herorin.

Duologue Evaluation

I think that my duologue went really great providing me and my partner didn't have a lot of time working together. I think what went well for us is the chemistry between the teacher and student, we played a lot on the me the student having a crush on the teacher. We added a really cool concept into the ending being ; We played Queen 'Don't Stop Me Now' To show we was enjoying eachother's company but added a long stare while singing it.Then used my last bits of diologue at the end to make it make sense although it was a last minitue idea it turned out really great.I think something we could've worked on a bit more was the flow of the scene although it was good it could've been amazing. Overall the use of space and viarety of different technqiues worked well together I just need to be more focused next time in order to perform to the best of my abilites.

Evaluation Movement Piece

To start of by saying i'm not as proud of my movement piece as I was hoping to be nonethless it still came out really good providing that my partner never came to class and I had to think of the majority of the dance by myself.I would say it was a really big challenge for me and a lot of pressure to insure it was perfect.But then i realised it doesn't have to be perfect I just need to enjoy the moment and have fun for it to be perfect so that's exactly what I done.I feel as if me and partner didn't waste so much time we could've done so much better but we live and we learn and next time we will be extemley happy with our results.

Monologue evaluation

In my monologue I think if I was more focused in my work in college instead of letting outside problems that I’m dealing with interfere with my work. I could’ve tried my best to focus my mind on the things that are important and that I enjoy doing. Nonetheless My monologue of Kerrie is good and I’m confident in my lines. While trying to learn my lines I recorded myself saying it then listening back to it so it can get imbedded in my memory.I think what would’ve worked well for me is trying out different techniques that I haven’t used while revising my monologue.Initially I didn’t want to do my monologue with everyone else because I thought I wasn’t ready when the real case is I didn’t believe in myself but I was ready I was just scared that I may mess up or something will go wrong.

As an actor projecting your voice is very important so that everyone in your audeince can hear you. With projecting your voice comes articulation of words so that they can hear you but also understand you clearly.Ways actors prepare their voices is deep breaths, taken fron your diaphragm(this will help support your voice and create a stong base for projecting. Posture standing upright and aligning your body keeping your head up, shoulders relaxed (Tim taught us this in our voice lessons with him).Poor postue can restrict your airflow as well as hinder your voice projection. Warm up exercises like humming, tongue trills, moving your facial muscles help relax your vocal muscles preparing them for stronger projection.Practice makes perfect im not the best when it comes to using my voice in differet ways but im working on it and have faith i will do good.

It is essential for us as actors to maintain focus. It allows us to fully imerse ourselves in our charcters.It helps us deliver lines with emotion and authenticity, enabling the audience to believe in the story being told. If an actor is unfocused it takes them away from the fact they must be present in the moment.Where as when you are focused your present,can react genuinley creating chemistry and more realsitic interactions. Focus is probably the most important thing that an actor needs in order to be great

Finding the given circumstances plays a big role in character development. They are important in acting as they provide the conext and background necessary to understand a character's motivations, attitude and relationships.Given circumstances include time period, location, relationships and personal history of your character.While practicing how to find/use the given circumstances,once you've mastered that it will be a big help when you are playing any role you do in your career.It helps bring realism to how the character is portrayed

Improvisation is a technique that comes with a lot of fast thinking, being quick and open minded. Using this technique can be useful because you can play with the tempo, how loud or quiet your voice is.Another example how you want to say your lines with an accent without one. Improvisation is a great technique because u can have fun and figure out what works for you.

Analysing the script is crucial part of our preparation process. It offers valuable insight into the characters development, overall understanding of the production.This also includes analysing relationships between characters, you need to understand how your character interacts with others

  1. As an actress it is important to take constructive criticsm because the people saying these things only want you to succeed.
  2. Imporvement: constructive criticism helps actors identify the area of improvemt in their performances.
  3. Growth: Constructive criticism gives actors the chance to grow personally and professionally.Taking on the feedback allows us to devlop resilience,learn from mistakes and explore new techniques.
  4. Professionalism: Being receptive to constructive criticism demonstrates the will to be the best in the acting industry. It shows willingness to learn,adapt as well as putting the needs of the production above ones ego earning the respect of everyone.

when finding intentions one thing my tutor(Blanka) gave us that was very useful was a verb list and from that list we had to chose and intention thatour character would make the other person for example i picked the word sad my inention is to make the other person upset. Another thing that is useful when finding intentions is considering your characters emotinal journey.What emotional states are they experiencing? How do these emotions affect their intentions with others. This will help identfying and understanding the underlying motivations behind their characters actions.

This technique is cruial for creating a well rounded persuasive performance.It allows the audience to fully inhabit the character's world and gives you a more instinctive and authentic connection with both the character and the audenice.When physicalisying your character you need these things spacial awareness, kinesthetic connection, emotinal expression.