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Storing R290


Approval needed by Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Environment Agency (EA) and Fire Authority

Regulations for storing R290 need to be followed from:

Control Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) 2015


  • While the workers are handling R290 refrigerant you need to use a portable gas detector. (including when transport and storage)
  • Detector can be clipped to clothing or placed on the floor within the working area.
  • It should be switched on for the duration of the work and set to alarm at 25% of the LFL, to alert staff members of imminent flammable concentration.
  • Technicians can be alerted whenever an inadvertent release of flammable refrigerant occurs.
  • Technicians are then capable of immediately acting on the relevant emergency procedures

When storing machines containing R290, you need to know the internal volume of the refrigerant circuit.

This is important because knowing the internal volume of refrigerant determines how the flammable machines are stored.

Capacity - 8KW R290 charge - 1KG

Capacity - 6KW R290 charge - 0.6KG

Capacity - 5KW R290 charge - 0.6KG

Mitsubishi provides three different capacity of R290 ASHP. The R290 refrigerant charges are as follows:

R290 charge volumes





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