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food sfatey is very important. you dont want to cross conteminate food and csuse health issues. One way to practice this is with personal hygine. Personal hygine starts with yourself. It is by washing hands keeping kitchen clean and more.

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washing hands

washing your hands help prevent bacteria to move onto oyther food when your hands are dirty.


There are both bioloegical which are from one self,m and chemiccal hazards like cleaning supplies that can ruin food

Jewlery and other

Jwelery cannot be on while in the kitchen or anywhere near where the food is getting touched or made as well as other things like wearing a hair net to prevent hir in food.

There is also proper clothes to wear and as your bare hands should never touch the food or touch any unsaintize part. You need to wear hair nets for both hair and facial hair.

what to wear

making sure the kitchen is clean is very important due a dirty kitchen can cause many problems with personal and also just the entire food proccess in general.

Clean kitchen