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GT ILA Gabriella Olewe


Artpiece #1

This artwork represents generosity. The good Samaritan sees someone in need and instead of going about his day, he immediately assists a man who needs it. If you look closely you can see a horse. The Samaritan is helping the man get on his horse. The rag the sick man is wearing shows that he is less fortunate than the Samaritan. He has drops of blood spilling out of the bandage on his head and on his ankle and he is unconscious. In the background you can see two men walking away. They went about their day and didn’t feel enough remorse to help him.
Jacopo Bassono1562-3

The Good Samaritan

A trait about myself is that I am a giving, selfess person, and The Good Samaritan is showing a man going out of his way to help another man who needs care. Instead of going about his day, he stopped and helped the man making sure that he was taken good care of.

How doesthis relate to me?

Artpiece #2

This artwork represents kindness. If you look closely, you can see how she has her hands full with trying to comfort all three of her boys. She is trying to give each of them her full attention. She wants them to feel comforted and she wants each of them to know that they are loved and cared for.
Sir Joshua Reynolds1773

Lady Cockburn and Her Three Sons

I try every day to be very caring towards others. I try to make sure that people feel cared for, similar to the woman in Lady Cockburn and Her Three Sons. She made sure that each of her sons felt loved and comforted. She wanted them to feel the kindness pouring out of her.

How doesthis relate to me?


The Giving Tree symbolizes the good and bad in giving. The tree was selfless and kept on giving no matter what. Instead of being selfish and keeping everything for itself it continuously gave. Just like the tree, I like to give, and just like the tree, I give too much sometimes.
Shel SilversteinOctober 7, 1964

The Giving Tree

My Personal Narrative 😄

We stopped at the light. To my left, I noticed a little girl, unwashed, unhappy. Her mother was pregnant, almost stumbling behind her with the same appearance. My heart dropped for a second, then I spontaneously began to search for some cash, throwing things behind the seats. Praying the light stayed red, I panicked as I foraged through the vehicle for cash. I recalled the 20-dollar bill in my pocket. I rapidly grabbed it and rolled down my window. I’ll never forget the tears rolling down the mother’s face and the peace I felt knowing I helped someone in need.

My personal narrative reflects how much I want to help people. It shows how eager I am to make a good impact on someone's day. Even though the 20 dollars might not have been the lottery for them, it helped them at least a little bit. Whether it was to buy a blanket to stay warm or food to prevent hunger that day. I couldv'e just gone about my day and spent the money on myself, but I wanted to give it to someone who truly needed it.

How mypersonal narrativerelate to me?

What is Enneagram Type 2?Twos are known to be generous and caring towards others. They want to make people around them feel comfortable and included. Twos always offer what they have, anything that would help. Twos often put others needs before their own. They act like they have no needs of their own because they are so busy caring and comforting everyone else. How does this relate to me?I am known as a person who puts others before herself a lot. I try to care for others so much that I forget to care for myself. I am generous and very giving. I am always trying to fulfill others needs so that they feel cared for and loved.

Enneagram Type 2

After reviewing all of these things, I have developed a new understanding of how important it is to be generous. Generosity is the act of being able to give something of your own, like your time, talent, or an object that belongs to you. People should be generous because if you are willing to give, you are able to help someone in need. It also makes us feel as if we are making a big impact on someone's life, which maybe you are. Imagine how good the world would be if everyone is willing to help of give something of their own to someone who needs it. I've also realized that there can also be too much generosity. If you give too much you can be taken advantage of and you can also trample your own personal boundaries.