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Kavion Neely

Aamu hoco

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- I have been to multiple homecoming - I am looking forward to the line dances and the football game - I was least interested into doing school work

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- Everything was alright with me as I did all my work it was mostly, but BAND was in my way- One of my professors had class but only like 4 people came

Student Success

The worst part was going to practice every single day of HOCO missing the events

As far as organizations im not sure they all look interesting

Favorite Event:Homecoming Kickoff


HBCUs offer you a good, great food, and nice comforterable music where you will have a great time and enjoy the company of alot of people!

Experience Overview

I generally feel that at any HOCO you would have, but since I am black I would say HBCUs have more fun


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