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One day in the "Riviera Maya", here you should swing between the coral reefs, but before you dive into it, you should wear a life jacket and preferably you should know how to swim, also you should come with a friend or with your family, so everyone should have fun.After you go to the beach, you can go to our restaurant, and you can taste all of our seafood, or if you prefer, you can taste or meat cuts and you can add some champagne or also you can try one of artisan drinks. Just as a rule, of the restaurant, you can't enter with bathing suite, you can't enter if you are wet and you can't bring your food to the restaurant.You have to make a reservation at a restaurant, and you have to reserve it with $200. You don't have to dress informally, and you don't have to have a bad attitude. If you are here, you have to taste the salmon, it's our specially.You must arrive to the "Riviera Maya", by an electric car or bicycle, because we can make you a discount for contributing with our politics, you mustn't use motorcycles or any gasoline, vehicle. If you are thinking to stay a few days care, you must reserve a hotel, you mustn't sleep in your car.