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The 2nd5 Magazine

They will finally be here!The prince Charles and his wife Camila will be coming the 20th september until the 22th in France.

September News 2023

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The Royals in France!

The 2nd5 Magazine

They will meet the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron.

September News 2023

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The royal couple were supposed to come in March 2022, but this was cancelled due to a wave of demonstrations in France.

The 2nd5 Magazine

September News 2023

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At Paris, the Royal Couple and the French Couple will assist at:

  • a commemoration at the Chaps Elysée
  • a state banquet at the Château de Versailles
  • they're going to meet french athlets
  • the King will address the Senators and Deputies of the National Assembly
  • politics events

At Bordeaux, the Royal Couple and the French Couple will assist at:

  • King is going to meet emergency services and communities affected by Bordeaux forest fires in 2022
  • Charles III and Camilla will meet British and French military personnel
  • The King and Queenare going to attend GREAT campaign event in Bordeaux, showcasing British and French businesses
  • The Royal couple visit an organic vineyard

Charles and Camila will visit the cities of Paris and Bordeaux

The 2nd5 Magazine

September News 2023

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I choose this subject because i absolutly love the Royal Family of England and it was a pleasure to me to work on it. More over, this event will be in France, so it's twice as great !