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This is a short explanation about how Phonetics and Phonology are tested in the EGAL-EIN exam.Created by Ana Laura Martínez, adapted by Salomón Carmona

Phonetics & Phonology


  • The study of speech sounds.
  • Studies anatomical, neurological & physiological bases of speech.
  • Studies actions & movements of the speech organs in producing sounds.
  • Studies the nature and acoustics of sound waves which transmit speech.
  • How speech is received by ears.
  • How speech is perceived by brain
  • Belongs to descriptive linguistics
  • Studies the production, transmission and reception of sounds.
  • Does not study one particular language


  • Deals with the system and pattern of the sounds which exist within particular language.
  • Looks at the vowels, consonants and suprasegmental features of the language.
  • It is not only monolingual
  • Belongs to theoretical linguistics
  • Studies different patterns of sounds in different languages.
  • Can study one particular language.


The Articulatory organs

The Phonemic Chart. The IPA

Where in our vocal tract we obstruct the sound

Which part of the vocal tract we use to produce sounds and how we are using them


Vowel Sounds