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The canterville ghost


Azzurra criscione

This book talks about an American family, the Otis family which decided to move to Canterville Chase. The house is known to be haunted by the Sir Simon's ghost. His job has always been to scare people but the Otis family doesn't seem to be afaid of him, especially the twins that instead make fun of him doing a lot of jokes.



Sir Simon Canterville

Virginia Otis

Duke of Cheshire


Hiram B. Otis

Lucretia Otis

The Otis twins


Washington Otis

Mrs. Umney

Lord Canterville

I really enjoyed this book because first of all it didn't bore me, insted sometimes it made me laugh and sometimes it made me sad, when it described how the ghost felt about the jokes. This book was thought-provoking; there's a message behind the story: everyone makes mistakes that later regrets so we mustn't judge a person only because of them.