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Autumn FeeserCED503Dr. BurnettHigh School Stress Management (Lesson Three)

Coping skills: How can I manage my stress?


Stress Management Plan


Breathing Exercises

Mindfulness and Acceptance

Lesson Objectives



On a piece of notebook paper,write down a stressful situation that you have found yourself in recently. Additionally, write down any reasons why you may have struggled to move past this situation.


By the end of this class period you will:1. Demonstrate an understanding of mindfulness and acceptance2. Compare breathing exercises and types of yoga commonly used for stress reduction3. Design a personal stress management plan

Essential Outcomes

Corey (2021)

  • Increased observation of internal and external stimuli
  • Increased openness to the present moment

What is Mindfulness?

Corey (2021)

  • Taking situations in without judgement or preference
  • Working against the desire to control or change difficult situations

What is Acceptance?

How can I practice mindfulness and acceptance?



Box Breathing

4-7-8 Breathing

Body Scan Yoga

Standing Yoga

Seated Yoga

Seated and Standing Yoga Instructions:1. Describe the benefits of your type of yoga2. Provide an example of three grounding poses that may be used (i.e., model the pose, provide a video, etc.)3. Explain where you could use this type of yogaBody Scan Yoga Instructions:1. Describe the benefits of your type of yoga2. Explain how this type of yoga is performed (i.e., provide a video, give an oral description, etc.)3. Explain where you could use this type of yoga

Group Presentations

How can I use these coping skills to manage my personal stress?

Model: My Stress Management Plan Worksheet

Next Step: Complete your own Stress Management Plan

How can we use what we have learned inside and outside of the school setting?

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