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  • Rachael Viswanathan
  • Sarah Cole
  • Emilee Alima
  • Jesica Dzurek
  • Melanie Peters
  • Brittany Puffenberger
5th Grade
  • Deanna Kazembe
  • Bobbi-Jo Lundy
  • Darlene Sarkady
  • Victoria Dague
  • Chad Williams
  • Abigail Rosato
4th Grade
  • Breanne Dolby
  • Suzanne Nickler
  • Cynthia Mueller
  • Cathy Thompson
  • Dana Whitman
  • Megan Cagle
3rd Grade
  • Penny Hlat
  • Lanae Hunsberger
  • Karen Blisard
  • Ali Devarie
2nd Grade
  • Alyssa Androski
  • Kim Wilhide
  • Jalesha Ferencz
  • Donna Doherty
1st Grade
  • Michelle Gillis
  • Heather Grafton
Alysa Vieira

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September Awareness

Childhood Cancer Awareness MonthChildren's Good Manners MonthDeaf Awareness MonthHispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct 15)Library Card Sign-up MonthNational Childhood Obesity Awareness MonthNational Preparedness MonthNational Recovery MonthSelf-Improvement MonthNational Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week (10th - 16th)Student Sleep Health Week (17th - 23rd)

1st Day of Fall

National Grandparents Day

Labor Day

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First day of school

Drop In Day with Miss Vieira

International Day of Sign Language

World Clean Up Day

International Literacy Day

Welcome back callsTech tune-up day

"What is a school Counselor?"

Then: In the past, we used the term "Guidance Counselor" because counselors "guided" students towards their college and career by providing letters of recommendation, sending out transcripts, etc.Now: School counselors are highly trained professionals providing a comprehensive preventative program that supports ALL students' academic, personal-social, and career needs.

School Counselor

Direct Services

Indirect Services

  • Classroom/large-group instruction (Success Skills Course)
  • Individual student planning
  • Small-group counseling
  • Short-term Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Response Services
  • Make referrals to appropriate school and community services.
  • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, school staff, and community organizations to inform the selection strategies for student success.

A School Counselor's primary responsibility is to promote all students' academic, career, and social/emotional development by developing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program. School Counseling Programs help learners develop learning strategies, self-management, and social skills for lifelong success.

Elementary School Counseling Program

Students and caretakers can reach out to their counselor anytime with personal, social, or career questions! We can provide a variety of tools to help students achieve their goals. We can provide brief short-term counseling.

The elementary school counselors will run small groups with 6 to 10 students on various topics as an intervention for certain students. Small groups allow students to relate, learn and develop positive relationships with other students who may be struggling with the same issues. Past small group topics included self-regulation, coping skills, self-esteem, and grief.*Please be sure to read the monthly Counselors Corner newsletter for future announcements on groups*

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

School Counselor Services

This time is for learners to socialize with each other in a controlled and monitored setting. There will be time for learners to chat with each other and participate in games or activities facilitated by one the School Counselors, according to grade. It is a time for learners to have fun, socialize, and practice social skills.

Throughout the school year, there will be "Drop-in Days" with the school counselor that can be added to your learner's Edio calendars. These drop-in days will be large group lessons on different social, emotional, and career readiness topics throughout the school year.

Virtual Recess

Drop-In Days

School Counselor Service Continued...

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Throughout the school year, school counselors will facilitate "Drop-in Days" that can be added to your Learner's Edio calendars. These drop-in days will be large group lessons on social, emotional, and career readiness topics. Use the links below to sign up according to your Learner's grade level.

K-2nd - "Unexpected vs. Expected Behaviors." Students will learn the difference between expected and unexpected behaviors. We will participate in acitivites that will promote positive outcmes to kick off the school year. 3rd-5th - "Learning to Learn" - Students will discover effective tools for effective learning. Your students will be able to explain the different methods for learning and different learning styles and identify their own personal preferred learning style.


September drop-in day

Beginning on 9/14 recess will be held every Thursday from 11:40 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Choose the appropriate link for your grade level

Virtual Recess begins on September 14th

  • K-1 Recess with Ms. Childs
  • 2-3 Recess with Ms. Vieira
  • 4-5 Recess with Ms. Zangaro




Virtual Recess

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  • CCA Field Trips
  • Smiles Mobile Dentist
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Contact information

Help your student stay on track this school year by making sure they log in on every school day! If they miss a login in, please log in to your edio caretaker account to submit an absence excuse! Click the link below to watch a short video on how to log in to edio and submit an absence excuse. If you cannot log in or are having technical difficulties, please call CCA’s Tech Support Center at 833-204-2221 for assistance.

A learner is marked “Present” each school day they log in to edio between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. EST. When a learner does not log in to edio on a school day, they receive an unexcused absence.


Hello Caretakers and Learners, and Welcome Back!I hope you all had a fun and relaxing summer vacation! I’m glad to introduce myself as your school counselor this year. This will be my third year as an elementary school counselor at CCA and I feel so lucky to be working with you all. My hope is that this year will be filled with opportunities to strengthen skills and make connections through different counseling activities. Throughout the school year, school counselors meet with students in many different ways; one-on-one, in smaller groups, in larger group lessons, and by discussing resources that can be helpful for specific questions or needs. I will also be sharing these monthly newsletters under the Announcements section on your Learner’s Edio page. This is where you can find continuous information on what’s to come from our counseling department throughout the year. Excited for a great year with you all!