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i.e. Scriberia's Visual Hub; Scriberia's Insight Lab, Scriberia Experience Center

The Scriberia Executive Briefing Center




Unleash visual revolution. Power engagement. Propel success.


  • Inspire Creative Thinking: Ignite innovative breakthroughs and fresh perspectives through boundless creativity.
  • Create Memorable Experiences: Curate captivating moments that leave a lasting impact, forever inspiring and engaging our guests.
  • Visualize Impact: Create engagements that drive upselling, cross-selling, and business growth.
  • Cultivate Relationships: Build trust, loyalty, and lasting connections with customers.
  • Influence and Accelerate: Shape decisions and close deals faster.
  • Seamless Experiences: Orchestrated by our expert team for effortless engagement.
  • Access Global Expertise: Tap into a vast network of subject matter experts and executives worldwide.
  • Expand Reach and Influence: Include more customers, C-level audiences, and decision-makers.


  • 71% had made a decision to purchase products or services discussed, and 72% of purchasers said the briefing influenced their decision.
  • 74% of purchasers said the amount of their purchase increased — by an average of 31%.
  • 41% of purchasers said the briefing shortened their purchase cycles. — by an average of 30%.
  • 79% said they discovered additional services or solutions that they had not known the host company offered, and that appear to be useful to their company.

The value prop of an EBC

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  • Divide the centre into our 4 services - the Scriberia Gallery
  • Repurpose existing work for an interactive, immersive, and engaging experience
  • Gain inspiration from our successful projects in museums



  • Plan to grow by 80% in the next 3 years
  • The centre could account for 70% of this growth
  • Result in more pre-planned work and a clearer pipeline
  • Foster stronger and more meaningful client relationships



  • Provides insights into business trends and growth opportunities
  • Positions Scriberia as a valuable resource for clients' current and future needs
  • Helps uncover customer insights, strengthen loyalty, and accelerate sales



  • Customize every aspect of the experience for each visitor
  • Personalize agendas, discussions, and engagement materials
  • Incorporate technology and immersive elements for memorable storytelling
  • Create a seamless and impactful visitor journey

Visitor experience


  • Start with remote or half-day briefings to learn and iterate quickly
  • Develop a project plan, roles, responsibilities, and timelines
  • Create packages and processes for operating the centre
  • Secure budget for catering, space design, and technology
  • Collaborate with internal executives and session leaders for success


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To be developed - Roadmap - we should target Q4 for kick off