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Let's save our world and our environment


Let's save our environment and our future

Where are we heading?

05. Sustainable Development Goals

04. 7 R's

03. Biodegradable plastics?

02. Types of plastic

01. Marine litter

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You want to know?

Durable, manufactured or processed material that is discarded, disposed of or abandoned on the coast or at sea.

Marine litter: what is it?



02. Tipos de plástico

They generally degrade under specific conditions (e.g. temperatures above 50º) that are not always found in the natural environment, and can thus cause ecosystem damage.


Biodegradable plastics?

The seven R's are part of an educational process that aims to change citizens' daily habits and guarantee a better future for all of us. The key issue is to get citizens to rethink their values ​​and practices, reducing excessive consumption and avoiding waste. Remember that the actions described below must be carried out, preferably, in the order they are presented:Rethink - buy only what is necessary. Refuse - refuse products manufactured by companies that do not respect nature or harm the environment. Reintegrate - make organic compost. Reduce - reduce the amount of waste produced, wasting less and consuming only what is necessary. Reuse – store materials that can be given a new use. Recover – get degraded materials and reuse them. Renovate – reinvent materials, repair them. Recycle – transform materials into new products or raw materials in order to reduce the amount of waste disposed of.

The 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the common vision for humanity, a contract between world leaders and people and “a list of things to do on behalf of people and the planet”.

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