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PLOT The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, probably in 1603. The story takes place in Venice where Othello, the general of the Venetian army, has married the beautiful Desdemona. Iago, Othello’s friend, pretends great loyalty to Othello but makes a cruel plan to express his power: his project is to cause Othello’s jealousy for Desdemona. Iago sows doubt in Othello’s mind about a probable love affair between his wife and Cassio, Othello's lieutenant. Iago with the help of his wife Emilia, Desdemona’s attendant, creates evidence of Desdemona’s infidelity. Iago succeeds in arousing irrepressible jealousy in Othello who at the end kills Desdemona, but when he understands his fault, he stabs himself. Iago is imprisoned and then tortured to death at the hands of the governor of Cyprus.

THEMES Prejudice: The most prominent form of prejudice in "Othello" is racial prejudice. In nearly every case, the characters use racist language to try to define Othello as an outsider to the venetian society. Appearance vs. Reality: Iago's ability to mislead Roderigo and Othello, by encouraging them to misinterpret what they see. Jealousy: Iago refers to jealousy as the "green-eyed monster". As this metaphor suggests, jealousy is closely associated with the theme of appearance and reality. Othello's jealousy impedes his ability to distinguish between reality and deceit.

SETTINGS "Othello" is set in Venice, presumably sometime in the latter half of the sixteenth-century. Venice was a multicultural city, boasting a much greater diversity of ethnicities and religions, the city was at war with the Ottoman empire between 1570-1573. Shakespaere was inspired by the unique beauty of Venice so he chose it for his masterpieces.





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courteous gentleman


the protagonist of the story is a general of the venetian army called "il Moro" because of his black skin. He is a good man by nature who naively believes that everyone else is, too.


Desdemona is a lady of spirit and intelligence. Her marriage with Othello has brought her position and happiness, so much so that she finds it unbearable to think that her husband has turned against her.


Iago is the main antagonist and master manipulator who orchestrates Othello's defeat.Iago is potrayed as a cunning and malicious villain who sets out to destroy Othello's reputation and ruin his life for his own selfish reasons. He'd do anything just because he's wicked.


Cassio is a young Florentine officer in Venice's army. A gllant, courteous gentleman academically trained, he is friendly with everyone. He holds his reputation to be his highest worth, and is crestfallen when he loses it and his position over a foolish drunkem quarrel.

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