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Past simple and Past perfect

¿La conociste hace tres días?
Did you meet her three days ago?
I didn't study last Monday
No estudié el lunes pasado.
Fui a la iguesia ayer
I went to the church yesterday
verb en present ?
did not verb in presentdidn't verb in present
verb in past regulate or irregular
Past simple structure
Past simple
When - first - then - by the time - before (followed by the subject)
Yesterday I woke up the I took a shower and drank some coffe
2.-Sequence of actions in the past ->
I went to the cinema yesterday.
1.- Completed actions in the past ->
It is used when :
Past simple
¿Habías termonado antes del concierto?
Had you finished before the concert?
Ella no había estado en Francia antes del verano
She hadn't been to France before summer.
¿Había visto esa película antes de ese día?
I had see that movie before thet day
Verb in participle?
had not verb in participlehadn't
had verb in participle
Past perfect estructure
Past perfect
Up to then - already - yet - just - never - because after (followed by the subject)
She told me that she had studied
2.- In indirect reported speech to report sentences that were originally said in the -> past tense
I had see that movie before that day
1.- An action that took place in the past before some reference in the past ->
It is used when :
Past perfect