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Japan's Culture

by Geert Hofstede

Six Dimension Model

Short Explanation

Hofstede's Six Dimension Model

  • describes basic issues that societies need
  • these issues are called 'dimensions'
  • a country is rated in each dimension
(on a scale from 1-100)

What is the Six Dimension Model?


  • Borderline hierarchical society
  • Acting accordingly to your position is very important
  • However, Japan is not as hierarchical as other Asian countries
  • everybody can achieve anything (with a lot of hard work)

Dimension 1: Power Distance



  • Rather collectivistic country
  • focused on the core family (no huge family systems like in Korea & China)

Dimension 2: Individualism



  • One of the most assertive countries in the world
  • This can especially observed at work
  • notorious workaholism is one consequence

Dimension 3: Assertiveness



  • ceremonies and rituals play an important role
  • risks are should always be avoided
  • all possible risks are taken into decision

Dim. 3: Uncertainity Avoidance



  • people only see themselves as a short part of history
  • corporate Japan is always long-term oriented aswell
  • people live their lives guided by virtues and good examples

Dim. 3: Long Term Orientation



  • culture of restraint
  • keeping your face is very important
  • showing emotions is not adequate in public

Dim. 3: Indulgence