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Scientific Career Project by Varnika Ravi

Molecular Biologist

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An average work day of work as a molecular biologist consists of work at the lab. In the lab, they work with designing and performing experiments on cells and molecules. Since they work in the lab, they have to maintain accurate records of lab data. Molecular biologists often act as managers, and oversee the execution of other projects. Once done with an experiment that yields promising results, molecular biologists will publish a journal about it.

Molecular biologists conduct experiments and perform research about life at the molecular level, specifically cells and genetics. They examine plant and animal genetics and determine the variations between them, and how different cells interact with each other. These biologists can also go in-depth on the cell organelles or cell signaling. Molecular biologists also use a variety of different sciences like physics, chemistry, and genetics in their work.

Job Description



The average salary of a molecular biologist can range from


Average Salary

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology or other required field
  • Master's degree in Biology or other required field
  • P.H.D. to advance to a higher position

Education / Training

Molecular and cellular biologists usually work in laboratories. However, they can also work in offices if they are working in a government agency or a university. These biologists are often exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals, so they are required to wear protective clothing like lab coats, gloves, and goggles at all times.The work time of a molecular biologist usually doesn't stray from normal office hours, unless they are working on a time-limited project, in which case, they will be required to stay overtime at the end of the day or come on weekends.Molecular biologists can work both individually and in teams, but most of their research projects are done while collaborating.

Work Environment / Conditions

Molecular biologists need strong organizational skills.

They need to collaborate and use teamwork a lot.

Molecular biologists have to do lots of research.

They need to know math, chemistry, and physics

A helpful personality trait for them is to be curious.

They need to be very detail-oriented in their work.

Special Skills

One of the biggest downsides of being a molecular biologist is the amount of detail and accuracy you need. The slightest mistake can cause the complete failure of the project.


I chose molecular biology because I am very interested in biology, specifically that dealing with cells and genetics.

Why I Chose This


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