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Chrétien de Troyes

Perceval: The Story of the Grail

The essential idea is that you should always ask questions and understand the reason you are somewhere.

What is the essential idea from the selection?

The king in the story lived on a big area of land where he was only important there. In European culture, a king was an acknowledged leader, and his real power only extended over his own land. The knights in the story were expected to follow a code of chivalry and it was important to obey the king. It stressed loyalty to God.

Beliefs of the Culture

Selection Significance

The knight had childlike innocence which set him apart from the others when he didn't give into the temptation.


One guy is special enough to see the Holy Grail but is not smart enough to ask what is it.


The significance is that the castle symbolized the authority and military power of the lord.


The knight of king author wins the sight of the Holy Grail.


- Mythology - Great fool or simple hero


The Holy Grail

- The Author's name is Troyes, which is a Northwestern France City. - He also provides his excellent education in his poems.

Authors Importance and Connection

Relevance to the Culture

The Holy Grail is an object from the knights that was part of a quest. It is from the 13th century with Christian meaning. The Holy Grail, also know as the Grail, was a wide-mouthed or shallow vessel. In terms of ethymology, it means uncertain.

+ info

The selection was about a knight who was on an adventure to find the castle of the wounded fisher king. He found a mysterious dish, but he was scolded for asking too many questions before, he didn't ask what is was and didn't heal the fisher king.

Summary of Selection

The story got a little confusing towards the end when the knight found his so-called cousin who told him he could have saved the Fisher King.

Difficult to Understand

The story was easy to understand because of the way it was written. The story was not written in a way that one could not comprehend.

Easy to Understand

Personal Reaction

Overall, I liked the whole plot and the way the story was structured. I found it interesting and it had an excellent conclusion. It was something I have never read before.

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