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World Environment Day

07. Conclusion

06. land pollution

05. air pollution

04. water pollution

03. Global warming

02. Deforestation

01. Introduction


In this work we will talk about the various environmental problems that exist, remembering the world environment day.




Desforestacion is the process in which trees are cut down intensively, leaving no forest in that place, it can also be associated with a permanent loss of vegetation cover. This process is usually due to human intervention, however, it can have other causes. Although the concept was not applied, deforestation already occurred in prehistoric times, when the beginning of the industrial revolution no longer existed a large part of the forests in the country's northern hemisphere.After the beginning of the industrial revolution, many of the countries considered developed turned to the southern hemisphere, in search of the raw materials that could be found in the tropical forest, exploiting these resources and contributing to a large pºart of the deforestation in this area of the world.


Global warming is the process of changing the global average temperatureof the atmosphere and oceans. Global warming causes major changes on the planet, for example : the melting of large masses of ice in the polar regional, leading to rising sea levels. The high concentrations of gases released into the atmosphere together wilh the gear mitted bry the sun form the greenhouse effect, wihch causes an increase on the average temperature on the planet. However, the greenhouse effect is a necessary process for the maintenance of life on the planet, as it is through this retention of natural heat that the planet maintains adequate temperatures for living beings.

Global warming

Water pollution

Water pollution is the degradation of water quality by:-harm the health, safety and well-being of the population;-create adverse conditions for social and economic activities;-unfavorably affect the biota;-unfavorably affect the aesthetic or sanitary conditions of the environment;Some causes of, global warming, deforestation, agricultural industrial activies, garbage and effluents of faecal water and maritime traffic as examples.Destruction of biodiversity. Water pollution impoverishes aquatic ecosystems and facilitates the uncontrolled proliferation of phytoplanktonic algae in lakes — eutrophication —.Pollution of the food chain. Fishing in contaminated waters, as well as the use of wastewater in livestock and agriculture, can transmit toxins to food that harm our health when ingested.Scarcity of drinking water. The UN admits that there are still billions of people in the world without access to clean water and sanitation, especially in rural areas.Illnesses. The WHO estimates that around 2 billion people drink water contaminated by excrement, exposing themselves to diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and dysentery.Child mortality. According to the UN, diarrheal diseases linked to poor hygiene cause the death of about a thousand children a day worldwide.

Air pollution is also caused by global warming due to the high increase in gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).Carbon dioxide happens due to human beharror, polluting the environment.Here are some examples of air pollution caused by human beings: The intense consumption of non-reoyclable goods, which lead to a large production of garbage.


Air pollution

Land pollution

When we talk about pollution we tend to raise our eyes, but this problem does not only affect our skies. The soils, where we grow fruit, vegetables or vegetables, also suffer the consequences. For example, its effects come to us through the aforementioned foods. It's time to take care of the land that is under our feet!



In this work we will talk about some examples of environmental disasters , we hope you liked it