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The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April 6-April 7 in 1862. This battle took place in southwestern Tennessee. This battle was important because it allowed the beginning of a massive operation in the Mississippi Valley. This included around 23,000 casualties and deaths. The two fighting against each other were the Union led by Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate fighting against each other. The Union side ended up taking victory over the Confederate.

The battle of Cold Harbor happened from May 31 to June 12, 1864. This took place in the state of Virginia and this was a war between the Union and Confederates. The Union troops were led by General Ulysses S. Grant. The Confederate troops were led by General Robert. Lee. Confederate troops ended in victory with 2,500 casualties. The Union troops suffered a great loss with 13,000 casualties. This war had started because Less had prevented Grants from breaking through Confederate lines to invade Richmond.

The battle of Fort Sumter took place in Charleston South Carolina. The two sides battling were the Union troops and the Confederate troops. This battle was known as the bloodiest battle of American history. The war started on April 12, 1861 to April 13, 1861. The first shots that were fired was also in this battle that started the beginning of the Civil War. The battle of Fort Sumter ended in a Confederate Victory. General P.G.T Beauregard led his Confederate troops to victory while General Major Robert Anderson had a great loss.

The battle of Fredericksburg took place in Spotsylvania, Virginia. This was from December 11, to December 15, 1862. Union troops were led by General Ambrose Burnside and the Confederate troops were led by General Robert E. Lee. The battle ended in a Union defeat with 12,500 casualties. The Confederate had suffered around 6,000 losses. This war happened because a key Union objective was to invade the South to seize the City of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy. In order to get to the city they had to cross the Rappahannock River which claimed the war or the two sides.

The battle of Vicksburg took place on the Mississippi River. This battle was from May 18- July 4, 1963. General Ulysses S.Grant led his Union troops to victory against General John C. and his Confederate troops. The battle of Vicksburg was the last major Confederate stronghold they had on the Mississippi River. Due to the Confederates losing this battle the Union army could then complete their Northern strategy, the Anaconda Plan.

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