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the circular

  • materials
  • energy
  • money

To understand the circular economy we first need to know what economy is. Economy involes:

the economy


The difference between the linear economy and circular economy is that the linear economy uses resources only for the purpose of making money, Instead of the circular one seeks to reduce the impact on the environment.

The circular economy is a model of production and consumption of products that involves: sharing, reusing,reparing and recycling existing materials and products. This pocess gives a long life to materials and products. The circular economy is a system designed to benefit business, society and nature.

  • recycling
  • reusing
  • reducing

for an effective circular economy it's necessary to:

the focalpoints

Circular economy is based on health. One of the things we need to do for our health is to clean the environment, eliminate waste and pollution . we also need to use bio-based recyclable materials.

purify the environment

we hope in a better world