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Province of Granada

The Cahorros from the Monachil 9,5km lenght 400m incline Is of the routes of hiking more attractive,easy and popular from the province Granada.This gorge is also the space very frecuent for the amateurs to climb and ideal for proceed a day in the country . Type of walk : circular, coming back through the road from the sunny spot Type of land : path and hanging bridges Lenght : 3 hours Fauna : as the wild boar , genet , badger , rodents , rabbits ... Also there some amphibiam

Cerrada from the river Castril 2km lenght 110m incline 906m altitude maximum Short, easy and spectacular . Proceed through a footbridge made of wood over the river Castril. A suspension bridge and tunnel. Had lovely natural landscape .

Route of the ascent to Pico Veleta This route is done in the Veleta, Sierra Nevada and It usually takes 4 hours and 45 minutes. This route should be done in summer, since in winter there is snow You have to be very careful with the changing weather, and above all, with the wind, which can rise without warning and lead to strong gusts. Total kilometers: 30.58 Positive slope of 1,315.48m Negative slope of 1,245.45m 19.36 km in continuous ascent. 11.22 km downhill by the circuits enabled on the ski slopes. Fauna you can see: In this route you will not be able to observe many animals although you can see some, for example: wolf, goats, deer, wild boar, fox, squirrels... Wikiloc | Ruta ASCENSIÓN PICO VELETA

GOLLIZNO ROUTE (MOCLIN) This route consists of 32 kilometers On this route you will see wooden walkways, a suspension bridge and even cave paintings. Route: The route begins on Calle Real, descends along Calle Esperanza until the end of the town of Moclín. During the tour you can appreciate the beauty of the landscape from its four viewpoints, the Velillos River is crossed by the suspension bridge and the pedestrian walkway . You can also visit the cave paintings near the Corcuela Fountain. Fauna you can see Some exemples: - Amphibian: common frog, gallipato... - Reptiles: long-tailed lizard, common gecko, snake... - Inland fish: andalusian barbel, common carp... - Mammals: common squirrel, wild goat, deer, common rabbit, Iberian hare, fox... - Birds: small owl, crow, eagle, sparrowhawk... Ruta del Gollizno (turgranada.es)

The reavine of the moon (Lecrin Valley) The route begins in the car park of the Saleres cementery. The reavine of the moon is a canyon that has been formed by the erosion of the reavine of the moon river , a river that joins the Albuñuelas and forms the Izbor River , which fills the beznar with its waters. Tipe of walk: circular route, moderate difficulty Tipe of land: shoulder , track , path and river bed with large rocks to overcome Lenght: 2,5 km

Trevélez - The seven lagoons The high mountain route allows us to access one of the most beautiful and spectacular corners of Sierra Nevada. Tipe of walk: linear Tipe of land: path and cross country Lenght: 19,800 km

Route High of the Catifas from Lugros The route begins in Lugros. This route climbs to one of the most important peaks of Sierra Nevada. Tipe of route: circular route, moderate difficulty. Tipe of land: trail and cross country route. Positive slope of: 1180m Lenght: 29,45km. Approximate duration: 10 hours Fauna: mountain goats, boars, foxes, eagles, bulls and cows.

Sidewalk of the star. The route begins in Lugros. This route is considered one of the most beautiful routes in Granada. Tipe of route: lineal route, medium difficulty. Tipe of land: route by trail. Positive slope of: 520m Lenght: 21km. Approximate duration: 7 hours. Maximum altitude reached: 1691 m Fauna: Typical fauna of Sierra Nevada, foxes, eagles, wildcats, weasels, etc.

LANDS OTTER - It is a carnivorous mammal with long body, whiskers, short legs and long tail. It is in the rivers and reservoirs. It lives in Castril.

LANDS RED SQUIRREL -Is a small mammal, measuring about 25 cm and can weight 500 gr and it coat is red. It live in pine forests.

LANDS MONGOOSE - Have an extended body, 54 cm and a long tail. Its habitat is the Mediterranean hill and is from the Huétor mountains.

LANDS Dormouse Careto - It is a rodent mammal that has big ears and big black eyes. Is from Íllora.

LANDS HEDGEHOG - It is a mammal, it has sipkes, a round and small ears and short legs. It measures 25 cm and weighs 1 Kg.

LANDS IbERIAN HARE - Is a mammal similar to the rabbit but this one has longer ears and is more big, live in Loja.

LANDS WILD GOAT- It is a mammal that has horns and hoofs, are in mountains. And lives in Alhama of Granada.

AQUATICS MORENA - They are carnivorous and very long.

AQUATICS RAZORFISH - Is an insect and crustacean. Is yellow and blue.

AQUATICS MORENA - They are carnivorous and very long.

AQUATICS STINGRAY - Measured 9 to 80 cm and has a shoup tail.

AQUATICS BUTTERFLYFISH - Measured 15 cm and eat placton.

AQUATICS MORENA - They are carnivorous and very long.

AQUATICS STINGRAY - Measured 9 to 80 cm and has a shoup tail.

BIRDS Alzacola reddish -is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula,the Balkan Peninsula and the islands of the Aegean Sea.

BIRDS Common squid - Measures between 45 and 50 cm long and has a wingspan of between 90 and 100 cm, is located in wetlands with high reeds such as deltas and the banks of lakes and rivers with wet grasslands.

BIRDS Buscarla ONE-COLOUR- It measures between 13 and 14 cm, is located in eastern Spain.

BIRDS trumpeter chameleon-It is common from Turkey and the Red Sea to the Canary Islands in arid and open areas.

BIRDS SWIFT cafre-The brown swift is between 14 and 15.5 cm long and lives in the south of the peninsula.

BIRDS zarcero berber- Measuring 13 cm in length and weighing approximately 11 g, it is found in Mediterranean areas.

BIRDS HOOPOE -Inhabits eastern Spain, measuring 25 to 29 cm long, with 44 to 48 cm wingspan.

SIERRA OF CASTRIL WHERE IS IT LOCATED? The Sierra de Castril is located in the Cordillera Prebetica bordering the natural park of the Sierra of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas to the west and north and the Sierra de la Sagra to the east and north of the province of Granada. SIERRA DE CASTRIL HAS A GREAT VARIETY OF WILDLIFE for example: animal :TROUT, nutry ... plant: honeysuckle, ericoides...

PARK NATURAL OF Alhama, Almijara y Tejeda WHERE THEY ARE? The peaks of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park form a natural border between the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The sierras of Tejeda and Almijara are located on the Malaga side, in the heart of the Axarquia region. Alhama corresponds to the westernmost part of the province of Granada. THEY HAVE A GREAT VARIETY OF WILDLIFE Animals as royal eagle,IBERIAN ESLIZON.... Plants as GRASILLA, mostajo....

SIERRA NEVADA'S VEGETATION -Summit vegetation. Over 2800 metres. Here are borreguils and Artic tundra. -Half Mountain: below 1900 metres. Here there are melojo oak and maple. -Short Mountain: Below 1300 metres. Mastic trees and blackberry cheeky. -Below 700 metres. Vegetation of leaves. Some species are de bushes of mastic trees, junipers and oil lamps.

COAST VEGETATION What flora is on the coast of Granada? Tree ferns and fine wood trees such as pink laurel, cedar and mahogany abound. Other characteristic plants, with industrial application are the guarumo, the sarsaparilla and the vanilla fine and ordinary. Where there are more coastal flora in pomegranate? The largest masses of it is located around Motril in the Gorgoracha areas. There are also many spots of pine forest in the Guadalfeo valley, around Molvizar and Almuñecar.

DRY LAND VEGETATION It is the one which doesn't need any artificial irrigation. The main species are asparragus and olives. -