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21st century skills

the project

evaluation & extensions

projects details

aims & outcomes

What are we going to need?


Vasiliki Katsarou (Social sciences) and Maria Zografou (computer science) WORKING AT PESK

Big Idea: Changing our school's accessibility! WHERE DO WE PARK OUR BICYCLES?

21st Century Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

the project

  • discuss the problem
  • research for other countries solutions
  • cooperation with the Architecture faculty of Crete
  • cooperation with municipality of Chania
  • going to the lab
  • art contest
  • growing big

Materials list

  • 3D printer and consumables
  • model's materials
  • 3D designing program (tinkercad)
  • artsteps
  • surveymonkey


  • learning skills
  • literacy skills
  • life skills
& Outcomes
  • use different software
  • produce and print 3d designs
  • design and construct a 3d model
  • make a virtual exhibition
  • calculate with scale maths
  • estimate cost analysis
  • use engineering principals
  • explore other countries designs

Grade level: Secondary level students Duration: one school year teachers involved: social science, computer science, maths, physics, engeering, art and design

Evaluation On going evaluation for every part of the project using rubrics Contest evaluation for the final products Extensions cooperations with other schools and the municipality of the city