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Happy Me!

BetterHealth GmbH

  • Mission Statement
  • Current Situation
  • "Castle Vitzenburg"
  • The Idea
  • Corporate objectives
  • Market analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing objectives and strategies
  • Budget- year 0 to 3
  • Future
  • Conclusion


Stress-free lifestyle

Healthier future

Improve the quality of life

Happiness is the path to health!

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates
  • “A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned.” – Naval Ravikant
  • “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

-2 million patients are treated-different departments -1.126 preventive and rehabilition facilities in Germany -assist in recovery-Mission: continue their lives in an self-determined manner

Current situation

Castle Vitzenburg

Great customer service

  • Sports therapy
  • physical therapy with massages, cold-heat or water applications
  • occupational therapy
  • psychological counseling
  • health education and nutritional counseling


General Idea: Focusing on orthopedicHotel atmosphere

The Idea

Rehabilitation facility


  • Sallekreis district
  • sothern Saxony Anhalt
  • Border with Thuringia and Saxony
  • 23 Nature reserves
  • 25 rehabilition clinics
  • bypass to the main roads
  • train of the deutsche bahn
  • 3 clinics in Querfurt
  • rhyolith are mined for gravel extraction
  • The Company L. Stroetmann maintains a production site

Market segmentation



Average age








Future Population

the town received a price of 25.000 Euro in a nationwide competition for the project “Municipalities create diversity”

Querfurt received 1st place in an engagement competition in 2020


  • Economic or political insecurity
  • Policy and legislation changes that result in budget deficits
  • Pressure to reduce costs while meeting expectations of universal healthcare coverage
  • Patient experience challenges
  • two competitors with long traditions
  • High nurses turnover rate
  • Bureaucracy and the need for brand culture
  • compared to other rehabilition, facility is smaller and inexperienced
  • limited service line
  • superior location/ geographic advantage
  • good infrastructure
  • near the border of Thuringia
  • students in health care-orient to our organization
  • nature surrounding
  • local patients
  • supportive citizenship
  • Collaborate with different healthcare organizations to knowledge share
  • establish high-quality medical personnel
  • A primary focus on quality improvement
  • hotel ambience
  • High success rate
  • Excellent location
  • Convenient parking
  • strong presence in communities


Budget- year 0 to 3, 360 Million

  • Formation costs: consulting fees, legal assistance, advertising, professional traing
  • staff costs
  • IT
  • Insurances
  • extra costs


  • Innovative Service: efficency, effectiveness, quality health services
  • Invest a certain amount in innovation: in reserach and development
  • Customer services
  • Specific hygiene concept, medical and technical facilities
  • 24-hour nursing care must be guarnteed
  • patient catering, emergency equipment
  • special waste
  • ceaning stuff
  • working with pharmacies
  • Bulleted list


Learning & Growth Objectives

  • Improve technical and analytical skills
  • Improve a certain skill
  • Improve employee retention
  • Attract and retain the best people
  • Build High-performing teams
Is it fair?

Quality treatment, "Patient friendly", respectful environment

Corporate Objectives

Regain movement, strength and endurance

Adapt to life with disability beyond the rehab process


Customer Service

Cost reduction

Patient safety

Corporate Objectives 2

Cost reduction strategy


Referral Strategy

Patient satisfaction strategy

Employee Engagement Strategy

Marketing Objectives

Marketing Objectives

Brand presence

Brand awareness

Brand recognition

-Identify your service -By utilizing symbols to convey positioning

Hello Health!

Brand recognition

-Inividual type of service program -building customer loyalty -offering free screenings -Hand out literature about health topics-creating emotional bond


-establishing a connection between BetterHealth GmbH and our potencial audience

Brand Awareness

-emotional touch

-For example, posting five articles on average each month on external websites-->creating brand presence.

-Using external resources-Using guest blogging and social media platforms to make our brand visibly notable -storytelling

Brand Awareness

-Expand the range of services (more opportunity)- health tourism and recreation - develop a spa town with a long tradition - growing the brand

-corporate with local investors (partnership brand growth)

-corporate with local citizen for instance community work

Future Plans

  • Connect something old with new
  • rehabilition facility -healing
  • History with moderness
  • great benefit