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A gap year in Bali

A possibility to gain new experiences


My project in one picture

The beauty of the wild in Bali

-> Indonesia is home to many different animal species => Many animals are forced away, because of deforestation -> Possible jobs: - Wildlife Rescue Center - help endangered animals directly - Beach Cleans - clean beaches - mangrove protection - safe the environment => You get the opportunity to do something good every day

-> The purpose of the project is to help many different endangered species -> And protect the environment in a sustainable way

Type of Projekt

Mangrove Conservation: your job is working with local villages to restore mangrove forests

Beach Cleans: the volunteers visit local beaches to collect the rubbish every day

-> Minimum age: 17 years -> Location: Bali in Indonesia -> Time: 1 to 16 weeks - you can choose -> Price: 220€ plus 179€ registration fee -> Start Dates: First and Third Sunday of each month -> Life: in a volunteer house near the project -> Arrival: You have to book your flight to Bali yourself

Wildlife Rescue Centre: your job is the daily care and rehabilitation of many different species with the aim of releasing them back into the wild

The projekt in general

=> It's a good way to gain new experiences and do something good for the environment at the same time=> The price is good for the experiences you make and you experience the culture in a completely different way than on vacation=> The journey makes you more self-confident and combines culture and nature ==> All in all, this project is definitely a good idea

Project highlights and personal opinion

You get the chance to .... -> experience the beauty of traditional balinese culture -> do something good for the protection of animals-> work on a better future-> travel all over Bali and experience a different type of world and nature


By Lasse Bieber