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aka Duskwall or "the Dusk"


Whitecrown. The sprawling estates of the Lord Governor, Hunter Commander, Master Warden, and Doskvol Academy.


Barrowcleft. Residences and markets for the farmers who work the fields and eeleries.


Silkshore. The “red lamp district” and artist community.


Charhollow. A maze of tenements and squalid row houses.


The Docks. Rough taverns, tattoo parlors, fighting pits, and warehouses.


Crow’s Foot. A cramped neighborhood of multi-level streets, ruled by gangs.


Brightstone. The grand mansions and luxury shops of the wealthy elite.

six towers

Six Towers. A formerly rich district, now worn down and dilapidated.


Charterhall. The city’s civic offices and the hub for shops, artisans, and commerce.


Coalridge. The remnants of Doskvol’s original hilltop mining settlement, now home to laborers and industrial factories.


Nightmarket. The trade center for exotic goods imported by rail. Many vendors also trade in illicit goods.


Dunslough. A labor camp served by convicts and a ghetto for the destitute poor.

The Void Sea. During the cataclysm, the oceans turned to black ink. Tiny points of light, arrayed like constellations of stars, can be seen far below the surface. Only the bravest or most desperate of captains dare to sail beyond sight of land, into a sea as black and dark as the sky above. The vengeful ghosts which plague the land tend to shun the open ocean, but there are more terrible things prowling the deeps.

The Lost District. A once wealthy area, ravaged by plague then abandoned to the Death Lands when the second lightning barrier was built. Contains many lost treasures for the foolhardy to seek out.

The Death Lands. Beyond the lightning barrier, the world is a barren wasteland of petrified trees, ash, and choking clouds of black miasma. Legions of restless ghosts ceaselessly search for the faintest spark of life essence upon which to prey.

Gaddoc Rail Station. Electro-rail trains from across the Imperium arrive here daily with goods and passengers.

Ironhook Prison. A towering metal fortress, where the worst (or most unlucky) criminals are incarcerated. Many are forced into labor in the Southern fields and pit-mines of Dunslough. The condemned are sent to scavenge in the Death Lands.

Eeleries & Farms. About half of Doskvol’s food needs are met by imports; the other half is gathered locally from eel farms, mushroom caverns, and crops nurtured by wondrous radiant energy lamps.

Old North Port. Before the deluge of the second century, ships used the Old North Port to dock and re-supply before crossing the open sea to Skovlan. The obsolete port was abandoned to the Death Lands when the second lightning barrier was built.

IRUVIA A land of black deserts obsidian mountains, and raging volcanoes. Some say that positions of power are openly held by demons in Iruvia. The people are generally dark-skinned and dark haired.

SEVEROS A land of windswept plains, covered in dark scrub and thorny growths. Outside the Imperial cities on the coast, some native Serverosi still live in free tribes, scavenging the death-lands on their ghost-hunting horses. They are generally dark-skinned and dark haired.

SKOVLAN A ragged land of cold mountains and rough tundra. Skovlan was the last holdout against Imperial control. They are generally pale-skinned and fair haired or red haired.

AKOROS A land of dark, petrified forests and rocky hills. The rich coastal cities get their wealth from leviathan hunting and from mining colonies deep inland. The Akorosi are sometimes called “Imperials” since the Imperium began there. They are generally fair-skinned and dark haired.

THE DAGGER ISLES A tropical archipelago covered in dense jungle growth; now turned dark and twisted from the strange magic of the cataclysm. Some say that the people there live without lightning barriers. How do they manage that? Native islanders are generally copper-skinned and dark haired.

TYCHEROS A far off land, disconnected from the Empire. People say the Tycherosi (rudely called “Strangers”) have demon blood in their lineage.

A Note About the World The shattered isles have wildly different climates due to magical forces left over from the cataclysm. The “water” of the Void Sea seems to be composed of opaque black ink, but it's possible to see constellations of shimmering stars far below the surface. The sun is a dim ember, providing only meager twilight at dawn and dusk; leaving the world in darkness otherwise. This was once a storybook fantasy world of magic and wonders, which was destroyed and an industrial civilization was built on top of the ruins. Don't expect scientific realism here.