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Tourist itinerary

of 5 day in Land of BariTHE BEST OF THE SOUTH OF ITALY

NCC For short trips the train is available

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Points of interest


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The weather in July in Puglia is quite dry (with 31mm of rainfall over 2 days). In July, the days last on average 14:49. The sun rises at 04:33 and sunset is at 19:22.

July weather







Best month

Medium temperature

The first day between sea and land, the blue of the sky at one with the sea will envelop you in an intoxicating walk with the scents of the Mediterranean. And at the red of the sunset you will be assailed by the scents of the products of the sea that are full of the boats as soon as they have returned from the sea.

Bari and Giovinazzo

1st day

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2nd day

Here you will be immersed in nature among the countryside, narrow streets of ancient centers and caves. you will discover the treasures that our Apulian land offers and your gaze will be lost among the immense expanses of olive, almond and cherry trees.

Gioia del Colle and Castellana Grotte

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3rd day

The charm of these two villages lies in the coast: splendid with its crystal clear waters.

Polignano and Monopoli

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4th day

Another tourist resort that encloses the blue of the sea and the intense green of the countryside. It offers a fascinating view of the sea, among the treasures of archeology and the charm of the marina.


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5th day

Unmissable stop as it is considered unique for its historic center lying along the port!



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