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Cortesmycological city

3-Types of mushrooms?


1-why is Cortes a mycological city ? 2-What is a mushroom?


1-Cortes is a mycological place because it has a great mycological heritage2-In Cortes, there are places where there are many mushrooms, for example: El Parque de los Alcornocales3-In places like this, mycological days are held, which are meetings to learn more about the mushrooms of Cortes.4-In restaurants, as there are mushrooms in Cortes, most of the tapas and meals have mushrooms.

1-why is Cortes a mycological city ?

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The Caesar’s mushroom

Types of typical mushroom

-When we pick mushrooms, whether they are good or bad, we must not step on them, cut them ... because they have their function in nature-We must not leave residues in the field and even remove those that we find and do not step on the areas with mushrooms-The correct way is not to cut it, you have to pry it off from the base, removing the entire mushroom


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