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A two-day holiday in Lovere

Day 1

10:00 arrival at the youth hostel in Lovere, one of our partners will welcome you;free lunch;14:30 guided tour with Aurora and Lisa through the historical town centre (XIII Martiri Square, Ratto steps, Basilica of St. Mary, Vittorio Emanuele II squareand Lady Mary Montagu lakefront);16:00 end of the guided tour and break time;free dinner.

Day 2

10:30 visit to the civic tower in Lovere;11:00 walk to the famous "Orrido" in Castro;lunch at the restaurant "Vulcano" in Castro;14:30 ferry trip from Castro to Pisogne (picturesque village on the opposite shore of Lake Iseo);19:30 dinner at pizzeria "Lanterna" in Lovere, (we advise you to order the pizza called "La Lanterna", which is with Parma ham and burrata;after dinner, walk as far as the Marina of Lovere where you can see all the sailing boats illuminated by a lot of impressive lights.

What about having a walk along the Lady Mary Montagu Promenade?

Are you a teenager? So are we! We have planned this itinerary for you!