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Jamie Witman - Online Learning & OER LibrarianCommunity College of Baltimore County

How to Create Interactive OER with H5P

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09. Thank You!

07. Future of H5P

04. How to get started

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06. HLTH 101

03. What is H5P?

05. Get Started - Part 2

02. Ancillary Materials

01. Background on OER

Let's explore the possibilities of creating ancillary materials for OER using H5P.



OER are defined as any teaching, learning, or research materials that are either in the Public Domain or are licensed in a way that allows for free and perpetual access to and engagement with the 5 R's of open education (definition adapted from Creative Commons Organization, licensed CC BY 4.0). OER are typically thought of as open textbooks or course modules that are used to replace a commercial publisher's textbook but OER can be so much more...

quick background on oer


The problem is that many OER do not come with ancillary materials the same way that commercial textbooks do. Instead it's up to us to create these materials to enhance the OERs being used on our campuses. Addtionally, being able to create these materials allows for the inclusion of culturally relevant information which is most often left out of commercial products. H5P is one tool that makes it easy to create engaging and interactive ancillary materials, all for free!

are any materials that supplement teaching and learning.

Can be both! And interactive!

Can be multimedia

Can be textual

Ancillary materials


Here are some more things you should know about H5P: 1. You can link on any site.2. It is free! But there are different ways to use it which we'll cover next.3. You can search for H5P activities on the Pressbooks Directory.4. Coming soon is an OER Hub!

H5P is a web-based software that enables users to create engaging and interactive content. There are over 25 different content types to choose from such as quiz types like multiple choice, other activities like image hotspots, drag and drop, and flashcards. Many of these activities can be used to mimic the types of interactive content that comes paired with a commercial textbook but instead are completely free and open to students.

what is h5p?


Once you create your own H5P files. They will appear in your account. You can link to them, embed, them or reuse them to create more H5P activities.

There are several ways that you can get started with H5P. The first is by creating an account on https://h5p.org/. You can then follow this video demo.

How to get started


Finally, you can check out Lumi. Lumi is a free and open source tool that allows you to create and share H5P activities through a desktop creator app. The building of the activities works the exact same way as the H5P site except that you build it through the Lumi app. You can then export your activities as HTML files to share with your students. Lumi also has released a feature to record analytics. So while it does not connect directly to your LMS gradebook you can still capture grades from your students and transfer the information if desired.

You might also have access to H5P through an institutional Pressbooks account. If you do, this is an excellent way to build H5P activities directly into OER textbooks. An awesome option for faculty interested in adapting or creating full OER textbooks!

In some cases, you might be one of the lucky ones who has H5P connected through their LMS. In that case, talk to your LMS Administrator to see how you can get access to H5P through Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, or Canvas.

Another option is to use your own personal site to host H5P. For instance, if you have a Wordpress site, you can install the H5P plugin for free, and create H5P activities directly on your site. You can then use the same linking and embedding functionality to share with faculty and students.



Many thanks to Patricia for going on this H5P journey with me and continuing to be an outstanding OER advocate for her students.

Here is a real example of H5P activities used for a hlth 101 course at ccbc

I worked with Health and Wellness Professor Patricia Rhea, to create these H5P ancillary materials for her course to support her current OER textbook. With Patricia as the Subject Matter Expert and me as the OER and technology expert we were able to put together an interactive resource for Professor Rhea's students.

HLTH 101


Additionally, the Maryland H5P Collaborative Network powered by Montgomery College and CCBC is in the nascent stages of creation. The goal of this network is to support organizational learning of H5P across institutes of Higher Education in Maryland. We hope to meet once a month to provide support and mentoring, and discuss best practices regarding H5P.

H5P is currently building out an OER Hub to allow for wider sharing of activities. This hub will allow users to search for different disciplines and types of activities to make it easier to reuse and redistribute new and engaging materials.

Future of h5p


Jamie Witman, Online Learning & OER Librarian, Assistant Professor, CCBCjwitman@ccbcmd.edu

Please contact me with any questions, thoughts, or ideas to grow our oer future!