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Microsoft & Genially

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Integrate Genially + Microsoft Teams Have you created an incredible genially? Share it with your entire team. Just click “Share,” and click “Others” to display the “Microsoft Teams” option. You can choose to share it on one of your Teams channels or turn your genially into a task. This integration lets you communicate with your entire team instantly and securely. You can put your creations within reach of your coworkers with a couple of clicks and without even leaving Genially. In addition to amazing others with your awesome content, you’re also boosting team-wide interaction and productivity.

Integrate Genially + OneNote You’re already using Microsoft OneNote, right? If you don’t know what it is, OneNote is a collaborative, cloud-based blank notebook. It’s an ideal space for team work, keeping all ideas in the same place. It makes it possible (and easy!) to make the most of the collective intelligence of an entire group. Want the whole team to see your latest genially? Easy! Click “Share” on the Genially dashboard, paste the link into any area of your OneNote dashboard, and press “Enter.” This integration makes it easy for you to organize and distribute your content to your work team or classroom. As always, interactivity is your ace up your sleeve to enhance your audience’s experience.

Import a PowerPoint and transform it in Genially Want to turn a PowerPoint into awesome interactive content? Go ahead! With a Pro, Master, or Team plan, you can import your PowerPoint into Genially and add interactivity, animation, or any resources you want. With Genially, you can transform static content into an interactive, dynamic resource in just a few minutes. You’ll leave your audience stunned!

Integrate Genially + Word This integration makes it possible to put a genially in a Word document – while preserving its interactivity and animation effects, of course. It works in the online version of Word for all Microsoft 365 accounts and with any Genially plan. All you need to do to put your genially in Word is to copy the link to your genially and paste it into an online Word document. It’s that easy!

Genially and Flipgrid In Flipgrid, the social learning application where students provide their answers in video format, Genially has its own space full of activities for all ages and to learn any subject. In addition, new activities are continually being added to enhance both teaching and learning.